Terrace Talk: We’re on a roll but our guard will stay up

I make that five wins out of six, with 21 goals scored. Not bad for such an unwatchable team. Okay, okay, I’ll lighten up.

Terrace Talk: We’re on a roll but our guard will stay up

You dread the international break on the back of a few wins because a good thing’s being interrupted and it might be hard getting the groove back.

No such problem against Southampton. It was, hmm, what’s the word I’m looking for? “Professional?” Wash your mouth out.

No early panic when the visitors came out to stifle again. You wonder if these managers have actually watched us this season.

Anyone who’s had a go at our defence has usually got something.

There are two Liverpool’s; one at 0-0 and one when we’ve scored. Caterpillars into butterflies once they make the breakthrough.

Salah’s on a roll now, both finishes were calm and clinical (which he isn’t always) and while you wonder about Firmino’s own finishing he should get enormous credit for the work that’s going into another player’s impressive stats.

The pub discussion beforehand centred on whether Salah would have turned out this good had we got him in 2014. We might have saved ourselves about 30 million, but those seasons in Italy seem to have provided the finishing touches to a latent talent. Everything comes to those who wait.

Perhaps we’ll have the same dispute over van Dijk. Not that he covered himself in glory, particularly when going walkabout for the second.

Mane makes such a difference. You worry if he can survive the upcoming fixture frenzy.

People hear Mourinho bleating about whatever’s bothering him today and just tune him out, but he’s got a point about how hard we work our players in England.

City being the exception (the money helps) but there’s always a sense of quantity over quality here. Most teams would only ramp up the ol’ gegenpress if they played fewer games anyway, so the tempo would just speed up most likely.

Coutinho played for Brazil after missing a few club games so plenty were ready to grumble on Saturday but he was also excellent.

You acclimatise to the fancy stuff whenever Liverpool play like this but the general shutdown and taking control was impressive too. Harder challenges to come obviously, two this week in fact, but still… Gomez looked solid for England when he’d previously looked slack at West Ham for us. Southgate was a centre half in a former life so maybe it’s the instructions being handed out rather than the personnel which make Liverpool look so fragile at the back sometimes.

Statistically they don’t appear too bad. If you erase the nightmare against Tottenham they’ve done okay of late.

This is all rather jolly and upbeat, isn’t it? Pouring cold water on any optimism should come naturally to supporters of an erratic team like ours. The banana skin lies somewhere; the tension searching for it is unbearable.

Could it come through the lack of fitness? Even Klopp’s ended up in hospital now, probably to keep an eye on everyone. Matip’s done nothing for a fortnight and somehow tweaked something.

They’ve got two games each week for the next six, so you’ve got to expect a fair few problems between now and January.

But then you watch the subs against Southampton. All came on determined to prove a point rather than just help see the game out. You do (whisper it) feel we might be onto something here, after all.

Klopp’s wins come in big clumps, so hopefully this is part of another great run.

Sevilla and Chelsea won’t be easy so we might be crying it in again by next Monday.

What’s going on here now is that the points we should win, we do win. That seems like more of a solid foundation than what we were doing last season, pleasant as that was.

When they’re really good; that’s when the fans really need to keep their guard up with Liverpool.

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