Terrace Talk: Post-window ‘told you so’ beginning to deafen

The tweet from a reporter read “Klopp angry with crowd impatience”. Here we go, I thought.

Terrace Talk: Post-window ‘told you so’ beginning to deafen

Everything else has been blamed, so why not us? Clubs wouldn’t sell to us, or the players we’ve got at the back are perfectly OK but you make them anxious. The buck stops… over there.

People do seem a tad hysterical for little reason, on the surface. City was bad, but Mane exiting played a part. Sevilla was frustrating but they’re a good side and you’ve got to say for 20 minutes we showed them up.

Aye, there’s the rub; those pesky football matches that last 90. You’re seriously saying we have to get three goals now to even stand a chance of winning?

Kind of emphasising the problem there, aren’t you?

You can even shrug off Burnley. They spent half the game singing about Blackburn, bizarrely, but there were games at Anfield with Rovers 20 years back which would go the same way: Good old second-half sieges which were immensely frustrating but at least you knew we’d given it a go. It happens, and will continue to happen.

There was the usual autopsy afterwards, though, and it didn’t look great for Klopp. Klavan was poor again, every defensive deviancy embellishing what wasn’t fixed in the summer.

The post-window “told you so” is beginning to deafen everyone, but is the manager even bothered?

In the week one at his old club, Dortmund players admitted he wasn’t the best tactically but had a knack of making players feel great. Well, isn’t that nice?

The defence thing starts to make more sense. Houllier and Benitez hardly spent on defenders; the figure quoted for Van Dijk could have paid for their back fours twice over.

What they had was rigid discipline and midfield cover, precisely what this team hasn’t got a shred of.

Rafa especially wasn’t liked because of tunnel vision, an obsessive attention to detail. Tough shit.

Sorry Jurgen, they’re not your mates. They’re your employees, your soldiers if you want to be all poetic and disproportionate about it.

Fans can argue about the money all they want. We all know by now that FSG are only bothered about profit. Check how he spends what he does get, though.

Mane, Wijnaldum, Salah, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Keita. Noticed anything yet?

People will still be cheerleaders, though, and focus on everything/everybody else.

Sevilla were niggly, the timewasting of Burnley, bad luck, bad support, the list will probably be endless.

Then there are pathetic attempts to kill the messengers. Roy Keane was niggardly on TV (no honestly, he was) and said to forget about Liverpool winning anything. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr, how dare he etc. Truth hurts, that’s all you need say about that.

Not sure where statisticians got 35 attempts at goal from on Saturday. Ignoring feeble shots from distance that were bound to end badly, you’re lucky to scrape into double figures.

So being wasteful in front of goal is being blamed now? Sure they could be better but check the numbers; the forwards are the only ones doing their job, it’s yet more deflection away from the part of the team which clearly isn’t doing theirs.

And, of course, it’s serious deflection from a wasted summer, none of which can be fixed until January 1.

It was great watching the fallout from Cologne’s invasion of Arsenal the other night. That was real support with real passion and real atmosphere.

You have to trek into the distant past to remind yourself that Anfield, Shankly, The Kop were once the template for that kind of fire and hunger.

Now all that’s there is the tourist trap: Pay up, turn up, shut up — and don’t forget to pass through the gift shop on your way out.

It’s been a poor eight days so some will claim this is all said out of temper. Actually it’s more the apathy talking.

They don’t really care; you begin questioning why you should.

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