Warriors sneak past Llanelli

Celtic League latest:

Celtic League latest:

Celtic Warriors 16-15 Llanelli Scarlets FT

Celtic Warriors: Wyatt, D. James, S. James, Bryant, Mustoe., N. Jenkins, Martens, Loader, Rees, Horsman, D. Jones, Sidoli, Molitika, Harris, Bryan.

Replacements: Davies, M. Jones, Kelly, R. Jones, Parks, John, Sweeney.

Llanelli Scarlets: B. Davies, Phillips, Selley, Watkins, Rees, G. Bowen, Peel, Maddocks, McBryde, J. Davies, Cooper, A. Jones, E. Lewis, G. Williams, Hodges.

Replacements: O’Kelly.., Yelland, Wyatt, Griffiths., Burn, Evans., C. Thomas.

Referee: Simon McDowell (Ireland)

Cardiff Blues 35-13 Borders 7.15pm

Cardiff Blues: Morgan, Vaughton, J. Robinson, Muller, Shanklin, N. Robinson, A. Moore, Crompton, R. Thomas, Evans, Senekal, Brownrigg, Cockbain, Sowden-Taylor, N. Thomas. Replacements: Powell, Macleod, Walne, Fourie, Lewis, Quinnell, Appleyard.

Borders: Morton, N. Walker, Stuart, Utterson, Moir, Vili, Fairley, Dunlea, Scott, Cross, MacLeod, Stewart, Rennick, Kane, T. Walker.

Replacements: Ford, Todd, Weir, Sititi, Armstrong, MacRae, Murray.

Referee: Marshall Kilgore (Ireland)

Edinburgh 27-06 Leinster 7.30pm

Edinburgh: Lee, Southwell, Di Rollo, Dey, Joiner, Monro, Blair, Smith, D. Hall, Brannigan, Hines, Kellock, Strokosch, Cross, A. Dall.

Replacements: Kelly, McGee, Pike, Harrison, Lawson, Clapperton, Sharman.

Leinster: Norton, McWeeney, Warner, Contepomi, Burke, Leek, O’Meara, Coyle, G. Hickie, Brophy, C. Potts, Gissing, Dillon, Ronan, Costello.

Replacements: Moran., B. Blaney, Kearney, Crawford., O’Riordan, O’Shea, Brown. Referee: Neil Ballard (WRFU)

Munster 08-03 Neath-Swansea Ospreys 7.35pm

Munster: Cullen., Payne, Kelly, Henderson, Horgan, Lawlor, Reddan, Roche, F. Sheahan, McIlwham, Hogan, Pusey, S. Keogh, Halvey, Williams.

Replacements: Jones Hughes, O’Sullivan, F. Murphy, P. Malone, T. Hayes, Blaney, Cahill.

Neath-Swansea Ospreys: Henson, Terblanche, Tiueti, Brayley, Seveali’i, Connor, A. Williams, Millward, B. Williams, A. Jones, Newman, Tait, Bater, Tandy, Lloyd.

Replacements: Bennett, Griffiths, Pugh, Bateman, Morris, Morgan..., Durston.

Referee: Malcolm Changleng (England)

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