Pandemic has exposed the fallacyof constant growth

Pandemic has exposed the fallacyof constant growth
Life under Covid-19 restrictions has been challenging for everybody.

Life under the claustrophobic cloud of Covid-19 is, for sure, difficult and challenging for everybody in a vast array of ways. No-one has it easy, many have it tough, and some very tough indeed. From new-born baby to great grand-parents, everybody's life has been changed..changed utterly. Adapting to such fundamental change is a big ask -- a searching question we have to pose directly to ourselves, but imbued with an authentic empathy for all others within our communal collective.

In the variable and vulnerable vortex of anxiety swirling around the country and the world at large, we all have to accommodate many strange changes both big and small. Carping about restrictive curtailments and economic strictures cuts no mustard in sustaining the well-being buoyancy of the nation's spirit of resilience. Of course, those who are most needy for the basics must be prioritised for nuanced support and safety-net rescue packages, but let's not fool ourselves into imagining that we are in the business of clawing back all our pre-Covid scenarios of affluent comforts and luxurious freedoms of entitlement.

This is the precise time for 'ourselves together' rather than a concerted 'me-fein' dynamic - an opportunity for authentic 'meithealising' as opposed to sectional protectionism, profiteering or prohibitive pricing. Uniquely and oddly, we now have a chance to bolster and boost our cohesive camaraderie and genuine generosities of spirit. Persistent pushing against advisories and constant complaining about imposed measures to combat the virus, are both needless and pointless.

It's as if the national teams of public health governance are rashly dishing out rough gruel unfairly and disproportionately discommoding certain business enterprises for the sake of it. While no-one (bar none) has the full handle on the virus, we are all trying to do our collective best, but we must do it without fear or favour and always for the overall vital benefit of every citizen. It would seem that many features of our pre-Covid economic tapestry are simply redundant and unsustainable in all but the 'false' good times. Thus, a radical recalibration/reconfiguration is called for - one that is kind, caring and sharing in both design and delivery, for the welfare of all.

Creative conjuring towards a new, more modest expectation of affluence and aggrandisement, is now paramount, if we want to develop a rigorous realism of equitable 'thrivance'. Such aspirations are not pie in the sky, but are merely orientated towards baking a pie from which everyone can have a manageable slice. Ireland is a small country with limited resources and finite potential. The nonsense notion of constant perennial economic growth is forlornly fallacious and we must build a sound sustainable edifice of economic aspiration, appropriate to our native reality, albeit an altered, more modest version of what went before.

In such a new dispensation, there would no room for the likes of beef barons and their shady ilk, who operate systems of exploitative 'slavery' and demeaning 'sharp-practice', pay little or no tax to the public purse and laugh all the way to foreign financial 'bunkers of booty'. The age of decency renewal and ethical morality cultivation beckons apace. Let's answer the call for the good of all.

Yours etc.,

 Jim Cosgrove

Chapel Street Lismore 


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