Letter to the Editor: Palestine could have been wound up in 1967

Palestine could have been wound up in 1967

Letter to the Editor: Palestine could have been wound up in 1967

Palestine could have been wound up in 1967

It never ceases to amaze how the critics of Israel run on expired intelligence or none at all. Facts would spoil their story. Brendan O’Brien (Letters, 13/12/19) did not trouble to check his material in a notoriously controversial field or he would have had the correct name of the occasion.

Understandably Israel instituted a festival for the return of the [Old] City to Jewish sovereignty after 1,897 years. Jerusalem Day falls three weeks after Independence day, with Memorial Day preceding, and a month after Holocaust Memorial Day. It closes the month of four modern festivals about the ups and downs of Jews in the 20th century.

Like all public occasions there are formal, informal, and unofficial events. That Rabbi Mirvis was attending Jerusalem last June is not surprising; that it has become custom to parade through the Old City with flags is even less surprising for a national occasion. Israel is very fond of flags at all times.

It has been known on some of these occasions that the political dregs got out of hand to shout and spray things that do not help promote peace; but I would like to see a police report that any VIPs were involved in the misbehaviour which has been condemned by the Israeli press when it does happen. Old City Jerusalem is medieval alleys and despite the strong police picquets could we have a tally of the Arab bystanders of a certain stripe misbehaving to the parade?

That is the difference because Arab violence and a life of bilious hatred never condemned by what passes for Arab leadership. They praise it! That is why the Palestine people are still up a political creek without a paddle instead of building like the Jews under the Mandate. Thirty years last week the First Intifada started.

After decades of random Arab knifings, bombs, deliberate car crashes, and burning forest — so “green” — besides gumming up a third of UN time on repeat resolutions it is not surprising that some youngsters develop Ulster Troubles-type thinking and behaviour.

The appalling pity is that Palestine could have been wound up in 1967. Being 78, I witnessed the relief and hope after the Six Day War that because the Arabs would want their lands back they would sign a peace to cash the Israeli cheque of return to the Green Line for an end to the conflict and its claims— which include the property of Jews cleansed from the Arab World.

However it suited the USSR which had set up that war by slanders to forge a lever against the US in Vietnam to engineer the continuation of the Arab war for Cold War niggles. So re-armed with newer Soviet weaponry, the Arabs proclaimed the Khartoum “Noes” in Rev Paisley tones.

Frank Adam


United Kingdom

This reader's opinion was first published in the print edition of the Irish Examiner on December 17, 2019

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