Develop and support renewable energy

I HAVE the greatest respect for Colin Campbell and the work he is doing to highlight the looming energy crisis (Irish Examiner, February 7). Brian O’Mahony’s conclusion, however, to look at the nuclear option again, fills me with sadness and anger.

The propaganda of the nuclear industry in the 1970s, claiming this to be the cheapest, safest and cleanest alternative to fossil fuels, has long been identified as just that propaganda. The massive task of finding suitable storage for nuclear waste, transporting it, and having to keep these places secure forever, have prompted Germany, the biggest European economy, to de-commission all existing nuclear reactors. Germany now has the biggest installed capacity in wind energy and the second highest, after Japan, in solar energy.

I remind Mr O'Mahony that the events in Chernobyl in April 1986 effectively put an end to plans for Carnsore Point. And how does he feel about Sellafield and that BNFL is virtually bankrupt?

We are the most fuel import-dependent European country and are at the end of any supply line, making us vulnerable in the event of possible conflict. Ireland needs to become more independent and develop renewable energy resources.

Fritz Raake




Co Cork

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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

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