The last #GE16 word from the parties on ... Vision for Ireland

Question: Can you look forward 10 years and set out the sort of changes that you would have helped to bring about in wider society if given the mandate to do so by the electorate on Friday.

The last #GE16 word from the parties on ... Vision for Ireland

RENUA Ireland: Paul Bradford (Candidate in Cork East)

People justly criticize politicians in Ireland and say ‘they are all the same.’

RENUA Ireland has been created to change this.

We are a party of conscience that wants to be in government to effect real change.

We will succeed if we replace the old politics of cronyism and double standards with a principled politics of transparency and reform if we enter government.

We will have succeeded if we create a new politics that works for the people; that keeps them safe on the streets or within the HSE.

The RENUA project will have worked if we create a society where entrepreneurs flourish and work of all types is finally rewarded.

We want to erase the cynical politics of promises are for election time only, end boom and bust fiscal economics and regain the trust of the people.

Sinn Fein: Gerry Adams - (Candidate in Louth )

We would have a fairer society if Sinn Féin enters government. After 10 years, the economy would be developing sustainably with regional balance.

There would be a free healthcare service.

Education would be truly free right up to 3rd level, with smaller class sizes and a real emphasis on the knowledge economy.

The housing waiting list would be hugely reduced, homelessness almost eradicated and rents affordable.

Childcare wouldn’t cost a second mortgage.

Our tax system would be fair.

Our capital infrastructure would be second to none.

People’s trust in politics and the corporate world would be restored.

Our social protection net would be functioning and our pensioners provided for by the State.

We would be on course to meeting our global climate change commitments, as well as our Overseas Development Aid obligations.

We would be more liberal as a society and religion would no longer be a dominant factor in important policy decisions.

Our culture, heritage and language would be respected and learned by every child. Child poverty would be a thing of the Fianna Fáil/Fine Gael/Labour past, with every child born into a State that takes care of him or her from the cradle to the grave.

Disability would no longer impede a person’s standard of living. And we would either have delivered or be on course for delivering a United Ireland, in which all this would be the right of every citizen.

Social Democrats: Ken Curtin - (Candidate in Cork East)

We are ambitious for Ireland’s future. We want Ireland to be a republic in which every person has opportunity and dignity.

Irish people have enormous resources of energy, creativity, and compassion. We deserve better than an economy that swings between boom and bust; a political system that refuses to be accountable to its citizens; public services that fail those citizens when they need them most; and a society hampered by poverty, division and injustice.

Irish people are tired of short-term thinking, stroke politics, electoral bribes and power that refuses to be held to account. We call for open and transparent government. Honest politics that works in the best interests of the people and not the party or the selected few.

We are asking the Irish people to join us in building a new politics that reflects the best of Irish culture.

The most prosperous, inclusive and progressive countries on earth are social democracies.

We believe Ireland can join this group, and that a great many Irish people want us to. We know that a strong, creative, prosperous, fair, equal and democratic country - in which all children have the opportunity to achieve their potential.

Achieving this requires equal focus on three core areas.

• Policies that support a healthy, inclusive and progressive society.

• Policies that ensure a strong, stable and vibrant economy, and support Ireland’s SMEs with the same vigour that’s applied to the multinational sector

• Policies that make politics and government more transparent and responsive to public rather than party need.

AAA/PBP: Paul Murphy (Candidate in Dublin South West)

We have had an economic crisis, where the majority suffered massive attacks on their living standards, while the bankers and bondholders got bailed out and the rich got richer.

Now we have a recovery, where a crisis will continue for working people, unemployed people and young people, but there will be an increased opportunity to profit for the big corporations. Instead of continuing on this road, in 10 years time we should strive to have a socialist society based on equality and solidarity.

That is a society whereby everybody would have a decent standard of living, access to good public services and an economy that is democratically planned to meet the needs of the majority instead of maximising profit for the rich. It is also a society, where we would have a separation of church and state and where racism, sexism, homophobia and other forms of discrimination and oppression would be tackled – where direct provision centres would be shut down, where women would be able to access abortion, where children would not be discriminated against in accessing schools because of their religion.

It is a society which would not kowtow to the US war machine in allowing Shannon airport to be used to transport troops to the Middle East, but would instead stand against imperialist war, against the oppression of the Palestinian people and on the side of the oppressed around the world.

Fianna Fail: Billy Kelleher - (Candidate in Cork North Central)

In a decade time we will ensure that decency and fairness are at the heart of Irish society. Long term homelessness ended, a vibrant economy shared throughout the nation, hard work rewarded, streets safe and our older, young and vulnerable people looked after.

This is the type of Republic Fianna Fáil is committed to working for.

Fine Gael: Simon Coveney - (Candidate in Cork South Central)

Fine Gael’s promise is to give our people the solid foundation on which they can build their lives – no more boom and bust, no more reckless waste of taxpayers’ money, no more sense of a crisis.

Our long term plan will reinforce Ireland’s position as a pro-jobs, pro family country of stability, growth and opportunity for all

Greens Party: Eamon Ryan - (Candidate in Dublin Bay South)

We would have developed a vibrant new model of community lead health care that would see a lot of routine procedures being done at home, where preventative medicine is given a real priority.

In a similar way the centre of our villages, towns and cities would be revitalised by the development of new housing closer to schools, work places and community centres. Ireland would be a leading centre for the development of new low carbon technologies and a new co-operative movement would restore a link between Irish Farmers and the local consumers of the food they produce.

Our educational system would be moving towards a more active and team based learning system where the leaving certificate assesses a whole range of life skills.

We have introduced a basic income model of social welfare provision where the disincentive to work is removed and where caring unpaid work is properly valued.

Labour: Tánaiste Joan Burton - (Candidate in Dublin West)

Labour in government has ended the long winter of economic crisis – which limited opportunity for so many - and the recovery is in full bloom. The next step is to ensure we avail of the opportunities the recovery presents.

We can build a strong economy for a decent society – to make sure Ireland is a better country in which to live, work and raise a family. We can invest in and reform the services that will make this a reality.

So that every child has the best possible start in life, so that everyone who wants a job can get a secure and fairly paid job, so that families thrive in prosperous communities, and so that older people are safe and secure in retirement.

Our people deserve nothing less, having given so much to get Ireland back on its feet. But we cannot take this opportunity for granted. There are parties who have been reckless with the country’s finances in the past and parties who would would be reckless with them if in government.

Those parties would return us to crisis. Labour will not allow that happen. We need a strong economy to invest adequately in a decent society. That means ensuring the public finances continue to be responsibly managed, and using our available resources wisely to invest in our people and communities.

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Source: Answers supplied to as part of our #GE16 Q&A blog with participating parties/groupings running more than ten candidates.

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