Dear Sir... Readers' Views (10/11/16)

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Dear Sir... Readers' Views (10/11/16)

US voters proved so many wrong

Congratulations Donald Trump and the American voters for showing the world that America is much more than New York, California, Hollywood and all their worshipping media pundits. The campaign analysts entirely missed the point. The self-serving polls had no veracity.

Congratulations to Trump and the American voters for showing the world that the political pundits are entirely trapped in their narrow and many times borrowed paradigm and this does include the Irish Examiner and its political analysts who only borrowed what was in the mainstream American press.

Congratulations to the American people who were able to see the manipulations of the federal government in support of the Teflon Clintons.

Congratulations to the American people for showing that voting can make a difference and that change is needed. Since political pundits thrive on specious speculation let them analyse the political future of Hillary Clinton. In two years will she run again for the Senate? Will Bill be happy that he can play outside the spotlight?

If Hillary had separated from her almost impeached husband would she have been more successful?

What will all the foreign nationals and others who contributed to the Clinton Foundation get for their contributions? Surely the pundits will be able to tell us all of this and more.

As I see Trump, he is a master negotiator. His work is evidence of this. As I see Trump he will be a master team builder, his work and family show this. As I see Trump he is not unlike the rest of us in his big mis–steps.

And lastly we all saw that he has a lookalike twelve year old son who seemed quite bored by all of this as any other 12-year-old might.

Joyce Anderson


Co Cork

We are on brink of economic abyss

With Donald Trump now in the Oval office his intention is to slash US Corporation tax from 35% to 15% and to impose a surcharge of 15% on companies outsourcing jobs which will make Ireland a far less attractive country for US multinationals.

Such an outcome will have a devasting effect on our economy and will put the Brexit outcome in the shade. We are all facing a major crisis far worst than the property crash and the financial meltdown.

What does this situation do for the public sector pay demands? Our country is on the brink of an economic abyss that will effect not alone our present generation but future generations also.

Michael O’Connell

Mansfield House

Passage West

Co Cork

American tsunami feels all so wrong

The Trump win definitely feels all wrong. What is the message the American people delivered?

The establishment needs to be dismantled and rebuilt.

Damien Carroll


Dublin 24

Par for course Mr President

Great news for Doonbeg in County Clare. The prestigious: Trump International Golf Links and Hotel Ireland has a new President of the United States. Donald in the election looked like he was in the bunker on the last tee. Hillary’s shot to the final hole fell a little short of the green.

However, Donald miraculously chipped out of the bunker, and the ball rolled into the hole.

Hopefully, the new president, will grace County Clare soon, with an official visit. Congratulations Mr President. We now have a leader who is his own man, and not beholden to anyone.

Perhaps, The American Dream is now attainable?

Anthony Woods

Marian Ave


Co Clare

Ireland needs to help reform UN

The excellent article by Dr Roy Fox (Irish Examiner Nov 8) on the topic of the largely unfettered freedom to kill is of great importance to the people of the United States, many of whom are of Irish descent.

It deals only with the problems of gun violence in the US. There is however an even more important but related issue that affects all of humanity. This is “the unfettered freedom to kill” by waging unjustified wars exercised by the US and the other four permanent members of the UN Security Council, although the US has been by far the greatest offender, causing huge numbers of deaths, injuries and massive destruction across the Middle East.

These wars are in breach of the UN Charter, the laws of war and in gross violation of the human rights of the millions of people killed and injured. This is allowed to happen because the UN powers of veto gives the five permanent members of the UNSC unfettered freedom to kill.

Ireland should be to the forefront in reforming the UN to end such crimes against humanity, but instead our Government is complicit in these crimes by allowing the refuelling of US military aircraft at Shannon airport and refuelling of NATO warships at Cork port.

Edward Horgan




Checking out at Bank of Ireland

Broadcaster Mike Murphy and 28 others are to be complimented for their fine letter (Irish Examiner, November 8). In it they highlight the Bank of Ireland’s disgraceful decision to unilaterally close the accounts of the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC).

When we heard what the BoI had done, we contacted the bank and requested an explanation of its actions. On receiving no response, we closed our Bank of Ireland account, thus terminating several decades of dealing with that organisation.

This step, though reluctantly taken, was for us a simple, logical and effective response to a bank that now appears to show scant respect for long- standing customers, and cynical contempt for a widely-respected organisation that is dedicated to justice and basic human rights for an oppressed people.

Charles and Joan Hayes

East Ferry


Co Cork

Vote wisely, or you may need foodbank

There is a risk that the country could become unable to function well because of political circumstances. A party in opposition providing necessary support to retain a government may be too focused upon its ‘will to power’ to enable ongoing necessary legislative functioning thus inducing stasis.

As far as achieving its ambition to gain power goes, if it isn’t prepared to allow good and effective government through ‘supply and confidence’, that greed for power will register on voters people will read the party motive and vote expediently.

In the time of soon-to-be-crash some would say this party ‘got the country moving again’ and ‘provided jobs’. And then came the crash that continues echoing through people’s lives. Expediency has brought terrible levels of homelessness and impending homelessness, yet to be addressed, with a view to, without delay, alleviate hardship. So that is in the bailiwick of the current government. If the government is static, homelessness will increase.

And as for ‘social protection’, well, try asking about the location of food banks locally, see how this plays with spokespeople in the party with the ‘will to power’. Let’s say you could be left waiting, and waiting. When you need a food-bank, that isn’t an ‘expedient attitude’. You would go hungry waiting on people like that, who don’t actually help.

And if ‘social protection’ itself actually left you in that predicament that speaks to current policies.

There are good, socially aware, public representatives and there are those posturing, making the smart moves, grasping covetously at the circle of power. Vote wisely, or you could find yourself in need of a food-bank too.

Tom Ryan

Forts Dún


Co Limerick

Get it over with — call an election

Well, it now looks like the government are ready to apply the three strike rule.

How do you mean? Well, it’s simple really. We had the Luas strike and the government blinked. We had the Dublin Bus strike and they blinked again.

But after the potential Garda strike, the government has said that’s it.

A unnamed government source is quoted as saying, “Right then folks, that’s it. No more strikes. The three strike rule now applies.We won’t be overreacting to any more strikes. Yes Lansdowne Road Agreement (LRA) is secure.”

I’m thinking that if the government really did apply the three strike rule they would put their hands up and immediately call a General Election.

Damien Carroll


Dublin 24

I have a dream

I have a dream that my sisters and my daughters will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by their sex but by the content of their character.

Alison Hackett

Crosthwaite Park

East/Dun Laoghaire

Co Dublin

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