Israel must protect its citizens. No one else will

Jack O’Neill ( Letters, April 23) says that Dr Kevin McCarthy is wrong for supporting Israel’s right to annex the Golan Heights, because the UN has declared Israel’s actions to be against ‘international law’. 
Israel must protect its citizens. No one else will

The UN ignores the fact that in every war between Arab states and Israel, either Israel was attacked first or has responded to a legitimate casus belli.

In a national newspaper last year, Peter Murtagh reported on Irish Army peacekeepers based in the Golan Heights. He wrote that the Golan Heights provide a “commanding position from which Israel was permanently vulnerable”.

Even if Bashar Assad defeats these insurgents, his record is little better. Yet the UN wants the Golan Heights handed back to Assad! Does this not show that the UN’s ‘international law’ is a nonsense? The Israeli government has a duty to protect its citizens. Jewish history shows that they can’t rely on anyone else to protect them.

Karl Martin


Dublin 13

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