Irish neutrality is breached by NATO and US military aircraft at Shannon

Six NATO ships were berthed in Dublin over the first weekend in April, arriving on fools day.

Irish neutrality is breached by NATO and US military aircraft at Shannon

This is no joking matter apart from the fact that the Irish people are being made fools of by our Government. Information provided on these war-ships suggests an almost “humanitarian” mission including disposal of munitions from two World Wars. A closer reading however includes the term “area denial operations” in their mission, which means laying mines at sea. Perhaps they are checking out Dublin Port for future mining in case Ireland’s neutrality becomes too problematic for NATO. This breach of Irish neutrality should not have been approved by the Department of Foreign Affairs at a time when we only have a caretaker Government and no proper functioning Dáil to provide oversight.

Of even more concern is the ongoing refueling of US military aircraft at Shannon on their way to and from combat operations in the Middle East. At 10am on Sunday, April 3, there were four US military aircraft at Shannon airport, in breach of international laws on neutrality. The Irish taxpayer also has to pay all the landing and air-traffic control fees for these US military aircraft as well as paying for the security provided for them by the Irish Defence Forces and the Gardaí. Several opinion polls have clearly indicated that a large majority of the Irish people want Irish neutrality restored and respected. Our next Government, whenever they get their act together, must respect the wishes of the people on neutrality.

Edward Horgan




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