Mary and Joe Soap can’t be blamed for the mess this country finds itself in

It appears that the ordinary people are responsible for the financial crash in this country, according to both Enda Kenny and Bertie Ahern?
Mary and Joe Soap can’t be blamed for the mess this country finds itself in

In one of his moments of comical hysteria, Enda Kenny declared that the Irish people went mad while Bertie Ahern is blaming Mary and Joe Soap.

The Irish people are well aware of who is to blame.

In reality, both Enda and Bertie could be considered right to a degree as too many people overly extended themselves, thinking that the merry-go-round would never come to a halt.

However, Mary and Joe were only small players iwho got sucked into the shemozzle that prevailed at that time.

It was the greed of the big developers, speculators, bankers and auctioneers who are primarily to blame, ably assisted by Mr Ahern and his bunch of merry men who took their eyes off the ball along with a regulator who was asleep at the wheel.

They encouraged it all.

Mr Ahern suggested that those who criticised him should consider committing suicide.

An enormous amount of money was also wasted on state projects, incurring massive budget overruns.

Many public private partnerships resulted in the taxpayer having to take up the tab.

The State purchased properties for development purposes, many times over value, with many of them now lying idle and worthless. Tax breaks and incentives were devised, when the opposite should have been done.

It t was Bertie Ahern and his team that threw borrowed money at everything in order to keep up their popularity for re-election so as to stay on the gravy train.

Mary and Joe cannot be blamed for Anglo Irish Bank.

At the end of it all, Bertie was able to vacate and laugh all the way to the bank, or was it to his shoe box?

Christy Kelly


Co Limerick

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