Mass shootings won’t stop until the US addresses its ‘culture of death’

America is a country (and not alone) that solves many of its ‘problems’ with death. It executes people who have transgressed society’s laws. It sweeps the problem of unwanted children under the carpet of abortion.

Mass shootings won’t stop until the US addresses its ‘culture of death’

It deals with the excess baggage of old people with the politely-termed euthanasia. It makes a mockery of slogans like ‘suicide is never the answer’ by simultaneously pushing for ‘the right to die’.

It showers populations that don’t agree with the US vision for their country with missiles, drones and bombs. For entertainment, its people routinely watch actors killing, and being killed, with almost gratuitous levels of violence; or even participate directly in the mayhem through video games. I suppose it’s a slight improvement on ancient Rome where actual people died in the colosseum, yet everywhere we look, is what Pope John Paul used to refer to as ‘the culture of death’.

What does all this teach the average American? Add to that mix socially isolating and incongruously-named ‘social media’ and ready access to guns — the means of delivering quick death — and we find some reasons why the United States in particular is so plagued by such atrocities.

President Obama can well vent his ‘anger’ over recent mass shootings, but controls on guns won’t do much to stop recurrences until the US is willing to take a look into a culture that readily produces such people.

Nick Folley



Co Cork

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