Burden of bank bailout at odds with 1916 ideals

When the banking catastrophe crashed upon the shores of Ireland, our Government nationalised the banks. We hear lately that they want to privatise those same banks again. The people of Ireland now rightly own the banks, although you would never think so.

Burden of bank bailout at odds with 1916 ideals

However badly the banks may be malfunctioning, it would tempt fate to reprivatise them.

Let banking be of the people, by the people and — above all — for the people. We can dare to dream, but that dream is better than the nightmare of austerity we have endured.

We are still bailing out the bondholders. Our children and their children will inherit our national debt. It is time to cry, “Hold, enough!”

It is never too late to call the bluff of chancers and gamblers.

With the centenary of 1916 just around the corner, let us have a banking system with a conscience. James Connolly wanted no less.

Michael Mernagh



Co Cork

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