Irish Government is setting aside human rights for commerce

CIA Director John Brennan must surely be in line for the euphemism award of the decade.

Irish Government is setting aside human rights for commerce

John Lannon (Letters, December 15) relates John Brennan’s classic understatement that the CIA programme of interrogation techniques and practices “had shortcomings and that the agency had made some mistakes”.

A bit like the Germans suggesting they took some regrettable decisions during the 1940s.

The unprecedented US Senate report on CIA torture transgressions merely frames what most honest monitors were well aware of and have been highlighting for some years.

How dare the US administration ever chastise any other nation’s human rights record when they themselves operate with such wanton disregard for decent and humane treatment of suspects?

Of course the illegal (so-called) extraordinary rendition scenario remains a key component of the template, underpinned by the mantra ‘We suspect, so you’re deserving of our treatment.’

Sounds like straight out of the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld ‘manual of mercy’.

The fact that the Irish Government sheepishly acquiesce and kow-tow to the US via the Shannon stopover for military flights, without as much as a cursory inspection in sight, is a tragic complicity of which we should all be ashamed.

Of course, financial, political and diplomatic advantage overrides any ‘paltry’ human rights argument every time.

Why would one want to rock the boat or topple the plane of the hands that feed, whether or not those hands are clean or acting within international legal frameworks.

Filthy lucre would appear to trump all discomfiting reservations regarding basic human rights’ violations.

So we have President Michael D. Higgins blithely swanning around the Great Wall of China with the politicians who uphold China’s relentlessly appalling record on citizen’s basic democratic rights.

Ah well.... as long as the duty-free shops are in fine fettle and our exports to the vast Chinese markets are growing apace, who cares about the poor unfortunates who suffer brutally behind closed doors. It’s the least they could do for us.

Ireland -- a great little country to do business indeed.

Jim Cosgrove

Chapel Street



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