ISIS and ebola just a distraction from the real issue: Gaza ‘genocide’

Now that the Scottish independence referendum has been put to bed, the United States is looking after ebola and ISIS, and the Dail has returned after its much-deserved, long summer break, we must not forget that the real problem of the modern age has not gone away.

ISIS and ebola just a distraction from the real issue: Gaza ‘genocide’

A further reminder of this is Benjamin Netanyahu’s latest attempt at excusing the ‘genocide’ in Gaza. He has found a reason for this by linking Hamas with ISIS. He may be correct in the linking, but that is an opportunistic attempt to justify the Gaza onslaught.

There is much sympathy for the Jewish race and the abominable way it was treated during the Holocaust. This, in part, explains the mixed feelings towards the situation in Gaza. However, it is difficult to understand how a people who have suffered enormously can inflict such suffering on their neighbours. It is a Jekyll and Hyde situation.

‘Man’s inhumanity to man’ does not adequately describe the appalling treatment of the Palestinians by the Israelis. There are many examples of savagery in the world, past and present, but the forethought, nature, and precision with which the Israelis have destroyed civilian life, and civilian infrastructures, is unparalled. Israel has military might and intelligence far superior to that of most other countries, and these are pitted against a helpless people, corralled in a ghetto.

From the time when 700,000 Palestinians were driven out of their homes in 1948, they have been dreadfully maltreated. Like the Irish, when they reacted to inhumane treatment, they were deemed terrorists and savages. The Cromwellian soldiers in Ireland used to toss Irish babies on their swords, saying, “Nits turn into lice”.

This is effectively happening to the Palestinians, as the Israelis pour in explosives, chemicals, and gas, not to mention flechettes, which can cut their victims, men, women and children, to mince meat.

Schools, hospitals, ambulances, factories and utilities are all targeted. As soon as there’s a lull in hostilities, as at present, the Israelis add fuel to the fire by claiming more Palestinian land for building, to the exclusion of the natives, and now we have Mr Netanyahu fanning it with his ISIS claim. It is the Israelis who are the terrorists.

Greater commitment is required to bring to an end this dreadful situation, which is also an incitement to wider conflicts in the Arab world, not just the Middle East alone.

It is the equivalent of cancer, which spreads. It can be likened to ebola, only it is deadlier. It must be treated, and attended to with the utmost urgency.

Ted O’Keeffe

Sandford Rd


Dublin 6

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