Bethany survivors still ‘abused’

The Bethany Home survivors, and people of minority religious groups, are still being ‘abused’. Their ‘crime’ was to be born out of wedlock.

Government ministers have exploited the issue, making public statements to the media that they would right this great wrong — just in case anyone had idea that they were neglecting us — but within hours it would be quickly back to square one.

After the Bethany survivors memorial was unveiled, Sinn Féin TD, Mary Lou MacDonald, on April 3, 2014, addressed the issue in the Dáil.

This was an historic performance, after which Education Minister Ruairí Quinn was so moved by MacDonald’s words that he said he would take the issue back to the Government.

This claim was not for the benefit of the Bethany Home survivors, but to get himself off of the hook. Within hours, another statement was made, explaining why Quinn could not do what he had said he would.

The only reason why nothing is being done on behalf of Bethany survivors is because the senior civil servants in the Department of Education cannot let it happen, as that would let the cat out of the bag, as to how bankrupt their case is against minority people in Ireland.

In the name of justice, they must not be allowed to get away with this.

Derek Linster

Chairperson Bethany Survivors

Southey Road



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