Pope Francis is leading by example

As far as the crisis in the global economy goes, Pope Francis has been a breath of fresh air.

Pope Francis has noted the structural “tyranny” of capitalism had only created more inequality between rich and poor and he has exemplified his vision by words and deeds. He has noted that continuing adherence to economic inequalities is resulting in further disaffection, which is leading to home repossessions, malnutrition of children and lack of potential will only create further misery.

In his deeds, in a remarkable shift from previous popes, he has chosen not to live in the Vatican palace and has suspended a German bishop for lavish renovations.

The Obamas, Camerons and Merkels don’t seem to have the will or the policies to change direction from the austerity programmes. Their governments have become merely puppets for private corporations who are dictating to them how many jobs they will locate in their jurisdictions.

Pope Francis notes that the Catholic Church is not such a monolith that it cannot change. He has sent a message of love and support to gays and women who had abortions and is seeking to bring inclusivity to all peoples, hoping there will also be ethical politicians who will advance the cause of the poor and the alienated. The global politicians would do well to heed his global imperative.

JJ Casey


Dublin 9

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Saturday, January 16, 2021

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