State the obvious

ON Apr 12, the Irish Examiner reported that the National Roads Authority is to spend €1m to upgrade the dual carriageway between the Jack Lynch Tunnel and Ballincollig.

Last February, it was renamed the “N40”.

Why not upgrade the name and call it what is really is — a first-class motorway. A better name might be the “M48” (the M8 merges onto the N40 at Dunkettle). It is planned to number the junctions in ascending order from Poulavone to Dunkettle. That numbering system could be extended eastwards from Dunkettle to Midleton.

It is one of the finest roads in Ireland. The people of Cork can be proud that their road from Ballincollig to Midleton ticks all the boxes that define a motorway.

Michael Mernagh


Co Cork

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