Government must decide what its priorities are

I WROTE to your newspaper in 2007 pointing out that the boom was over and the bizarre sense of entitlement in the public service would ruin us.

To any economically literate citizen, the huge payoffs to civil servants, politicians included, is a huge provocation to us in the private sector who provide whatever wealth is left in this benighted country.

The outrageous payoff granted to Dermot McCarthy, the retiring Government Secretary, is a good example of a government that treats the wealth-creating private sector with contempt. If Mr McCarthy was retiring from a company he would need a pension pot of about €4 million.

What makes these cosy arrangements truly frightening is that all these public service pensions are paid out of current exchequer funds and the government expects the private sector to pay for it. We are the economic “donkeys” of the Irish State and are treated like serfs to be bled by a predatory government.

We are expected to collect taxes, employ people, pay water charges, pay rates, pay public service pensions, attempt to pay ourselves a wage, collect company debts, try to fund our own pension out of what is left of our own resources etc.

This government, having already thieved from the private pension funds, has to decide what its priorities are.

Either it educates its own employees in the economic facts of life and backs up the private sector or capitulates to them in Bertie fashion. It is no accident that all the other European laggards are the same countries that overpay their own employees. If Mr Kenny and Mr Gilmore won’t do what is needed, then Mr Chopra of the IMF certainly will.

David Hickey



Co Cork

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