State bodies are getting us nowhere

I SEE the ESB (Electricity Supply Board) has become ESB Electricity Ireland. Electricity Supply Board Electricity Ireland (I think it is called tautology).

Could somebody from the organisation quantify:

* The cost of the change-over, viz. new stationary, new livery on vehicles, new facades to buildings and other associated costs.

* The commercial advantage accruing from all of this expenditure.

Also, is RTÉ the fastest recovering body in the state? With government promises of reduced expenditure in the public sector, George Lee is re-employed to travel around the country for a pre-election survey and Charlie Bird, likewise back from foreign parts, gets to go to the south Atlantic to follow a number of very good programmes on Tom Crean with his sad offering. Not for nothing some say RTÉ stands for “Random Travel Enterprises”.

Cal Hyland


Co Cork

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