No better than the drug dealers

WASN’T there once a time when anyone who “interfered” to help a victim of domestic violence was told to mind their own business, not only by the abuser but usually by the gardaí and the local priest too?

Eventually, as a society most of us evolved to the point that there are no circumstances where domestic violence can be condoned or where we’d break a wry smile at someone telling us they give their partner a “few slaps” now again. There was also a time when drink driving was the norm and while it hasn’t exactly become socially unacceptable everywhere, it is far less tolerated then before.

Now apparently we are meant to feel sorry for “under pressure” Gerry Ryan. Well, I don’t feel much sympathy for him and to be honest, I don’t feel much sympathy either for the adults in his life, including Ryan Tubridy, who are now trying to make him into some sort of martyr. His death, as difficult as it may be for his family to accept, just like Katy French’s, was self-inflicted and they were both grown adults who knew exactly what they were doing.

But because they were “in the media”, us mere mortals are now supposed to ignore the hard reality of where cocaine comes from, who supplies it and the absolute misery those suppliers inflict on the communities they control and the people they force to be trafficked to work as sex objects. But no doubt those who indulged Gerry Ryan’s addiction have convinced themselves that buying drugs from a “friend” was OK and they are not responsible for the wider effects of drug abuse within society.

Mr Tubridy could do worse for his friend, than to lead a change in attitudes towards drug-taking. He could honestly discuss the culture of drug abuse and start getting those who indulge in it and think they are not the same as other drug users, who they no doubt look down on, to realise that they are in fact exactly the same. Especially, as those lower down the drug supply chain are rarely under any illusions about the mess they are in. Instead, while the likes of Gerry Ryan was able to use the wealth he earned, (from the RTÉ licence fee payer), to stay a few steps away from the street corner drug dealers, the harsh truth is that he was no better than they are.

Desmond FitzGerald

Canary Wharf


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Saturday, July 24, 2021

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