Greens’ move was not political desperation

THE Green Party initiative towards political consensus was not a “blunderbuss act of political desperation”, as stated by your political correspondent Shaun Connolly (October 19).

Rather, it was a bold political move that has succeeded in giving this country some hope in the difficult economic times we are facing.

I am sick to death of the Greens being treated as Ireland’s political whipping boys by a political press that has itself done a U-turn of mammoth proportions.

The over-hype that took place during the Ahern/McDowell years has been replaced by the deep negativity of the Cowen/Gormley era. Neither hype nor negativity is an accurate depiction of reality.

The language used by Mr Connolly to describe our consensus approach is unwarranted. He suggests John Gormley “stumbled” on the idea of political consensus. Nothing could be further from the truth. Consensus is the method of doing business used by the Greens since the foundation of our party nearly 30 years ago.

That is why our parliamentary party has remained so steadfast and united during these very difficult political times, while all others have been falling apart at the seams and merely plastering over the cracks.

Consensus is a model of politics commonly used by the Greens throughout the world, and it works.

It is my hope that the consensus approach of the Greens will be compared favourably with the Tallaght Strategy of Alan Dukes which brought us out of the last recession in the 1980s and laid the foundation for two decades of relative prosperity. Please give us just a little bit of credit, Mr Connolly, and, who knows, we might get back to the hype after a few years of pain.

Senator Niall O Brolcháin

Lower Salthill


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