Gaza flotilla on a mission of folly

I NOTE the ship attacked by the Israeli defence forces (IDF) was funded by the Turkish IHH, which is widely accepted to be an extreme fundamentalist organisation with links to al-Quaida.

Why is it the people on this flotilla thought they would be allowed to land at Gaza when everyone before them has been stopped.

If those people were really so concerned about providing aid why didn’t they take up the Israeli offer to land at an Israeli port and be escorted to Gaza with all their supplies once it was certain no weapons that would later be used to kill Israeli civilians were included.

I notice none of the people involved have ever attempted to bring aid to people in Burma or Zimbabwe or to many other places where such assistance is also needed.

It’s remarkable that Hamas and its allies never seem to run out of guns and bullets but somehow food and medical supplies can’t get through – maybe if they availed of the same methods used for smuggling in weapons to bring in food there’d be no need for the IDF to prevent normal trade.

If Israel is forced to allow free trade with Gaza, I wonder will any of those now so keen to condemn Israel be rushing to provide aid or support to Israeli civilians who are attacked with the rockets and guns which will flood into Gaza – not to mention the Palestinians who will be killed for being on the wrong side of whichever person is pointing the gun at them?

The naivety of people who engage in these follies is astounding. If anyone is to blame for these deaths and injuries, it is the people who organised this flotilla. They deliberately chose to put people’s lives at risk for the sake of gaining victimhood PR brownie points in a game where Israel is damned if it defends itself and equally damned if it doesn’t.

Desmond FitzGerald

Canary Wharf


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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

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