Is there a capital conspiracy to lead Cork astray?

I DEFY anyone who is not familiar with the motorways/roads out of Dublin to Cork to navigate them without getting lost.

As far as I can make out there is just one mention of the best city in the country on one sign — and even then it refers to a road that is off another road, ie, ‘Cork N7 (N8)’.

Thereafter, you are on your own.

This has been the situation for years — in keeping with successive governments’ determination to ensure we are the worst signposted country in the world and that tourists are kept in a state of permanent frustration and rage.

Suspicions about a conspiracy by Dubliners to hide the fact of Cork’s existence out of jealousy and spite are confirmed by the fact that despite ‘squillions’ being spent on new motorways on the western side of Dublin, few of the latest signposts make any mention of Cork. Not even at the brand new primary junctions and exits.

There is one critical exit on the road to Lucan which you have to take if you want to make it to Cork, but the new blue sign mentions only Dun Laoghaire and south Dublin.

Oversight? Mistake? Incompetence perhaps? While the latter is certainly a plausible explanation, I’m just not falling for it.

Dubliners really have to get over this inferiority complex.

And besides, it’s no use because the fabulous City of Cork and its fantastic inhabitants are impossible to hide.

Miriam Cotton



Co Cork

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