Kneejerk response to criticism of church

JAMES McGRATH’S response (Letters, January 28) to my earlier letter on the Catholic church and non-Catholic faiths is a typical kneejerk reaction to anything critical of the Church of Rome.

He mentions the ‘one church’ in an arrogant and assuming fashion, as if everybody were so inclined.

One can only hope he broadens his view away from the monolith mentality.

Then he writes how the church “would be criticised for imposing its views”. But it has had no difficulty imposing its views and getting its own way on very controversial issues such as abortion and education in this State.

However, it has been less successful and influential in other areas. The Catholic church, in the opinion of many, has been guilty of a deafening silence on issues such as political corruption, not to mention child abuse scandals within its own ranks before they were exposed. It’s true the Catholic hierarchy do speak out against violence. I didn’t say otherwise, but I did say other churches have a greater sense of purpose when it comes to examining the specific causes of vice and don’t just engage in general dogmatic orations.

I hope Mr McGrath examines carefully what exactly is said in the letters column so as not to misquote people and misrepresent what is written.

Maurice Fitzgerald



Co Cork

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