Number of people homeless rises above 8,000 in June 

Number of people homeless rises above 8,000 in June 

Outside the capital, there are 412 homeless adults in Cork, 218 in Limerick and 62 in Waterford. File picture

The number of people who were homeless in June nudged above the 8,000 mark, with charities warning of a continuing rise in the number of single people in emergency accommodation, and a slight increase in family homelessness.

The total of 5,847 adults and 2,167 children means 8,014 were in emergency accommodation in June. 

In terms of adult homelessness, 57% are aged 25 to 44 and just over 3,000 are in private emergency accommodation, including hotels and B&Bs. Overall, 70% of those who are homeless are in Dublin.

Family homelessness

In terms of family homelessness, the vast majority are in Dublin, with the West the region with the second highest number.

Focus Ireland noted the number of families that are homeless rose by four countrywide in June, with an additional 14 homeless families in Dublin.

It called on the Government to include a specific long-term plan to address family homelessness as part of its delayed ‘Housing For All’ strategy.

Focus Ireland director of advocacy Mike Allen said: “The increase in family homelessness in June is a stark reminder of how precarious the progress in tackling homelessness really is. High rents are continuing to put families under pressure while they are also juggling the high cost of childcare during a global pandemic. 

Our services across the country show that many households are experiencing increased financial stress as we reopen the economy, which is leading to families being on the verge of homelessness.” 

Dublin Simon said while there had been a reduction of 6% in overall homelessness in Dublin over the past year, the number of single adults in homelessness continued to rise, with a figure of 3,024 single adults, an increase of 4.3% from June 2020.

Dublin Simon head of policy Pat Greene said: “We are still experiencing a spiralling of single people in the capital becoming homeless, with an average of 142 single adults becoming newly homeless in Dublin each month this year. This is higher than the average in 2020 and today's figures show further evidence of constant increases."

Outside the capital, there are 412 homeless adults in Cork, 218 in Limerick and 62 in Waterford.

The Department of Housing also published the second quarterly report for this year. It showed a drop of 46 in the number of individuals who were homeless compared to at the end of March and a decrease of 685 individuals (8%) on the total from a year ago. 

Emergency accommodation

It also said the number of families entering emergency accommodation in the Dublin region in the second quarter was up 123% on the corresponding period in 2020 (from 98 to 219). In the year to date, the number of families entering emergency accommodation was up 19% compared to the same period in 2020 (314 to 373).

There were 932 families accessing emergency accommodation at the end of the second quarter this year, an increase of 19 on the position at the end of the first quarter of 2021 and a decrease of 227 families (19.6%) on the 1,159 total recorded at end the second quarter of 2020.

Exits from homelessness were predominantly via the private rental market and there was a fall in the number of families leaving emergency accommodation in the second quarter of this year. 

It also showed 22% of families in Dublin in emergency accommodation had been in that situation for more than two years.

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