'She was 20 minutes from death' - Teenager goes to UK to escape four years of online bullying

'She was 20 minutes from death' - Teenager goes to UK to escape four years of online bullying

Her mother said: "She has been forced from her home and country because of bullies." File picture: Pexels

A distraught mother has told how her teenage daughter has had to go to the UK after she tried to take her own life to escape online bullying.

The mother-of-three revealed her heartache after she dropped her 16-year-old daughter at the ferry on Thursday after four years of constant bullying from a group of girls at her post-primary school in Drogheda, Co. Louth. 

The devastated mother, who wished to remain anonymous, begged parents to be vigilant of what their children get up to online "for fun", adding that it almost robbed her of her child.

"My daughter is beautiful, friendly and caring - one of those amazing children who love to help people," she told presenter Gerry Kelly on LMFM's Late Lunch show.

"If you have a problem, let me tell you, she will buy your problem. She's not a trouble-maker. I've never had a problem with her and she's a teenager.

"She doesn't have many friends, maybe two or three but they are all good kids too as far as I know.

"She told me recently while she cried, that the bullying started in first year. 

A few girls in the school created a group chat on Instagram and started calling her names, saying she was fat, she was ugly and who did she think she was because she was mixed race.

"I told her to try and not take it personally, that she was living in a cruel world and not to let the bullies break her down. I asked her to get off social media so as to not let them win but they found other ways to send her messages.

"I told the school after she got a panic attack but they did nothing. I spoke to some of the parents but they didn't believe me.

"I thought she was doing okay but it got into her heart even more than I expected "We were having a barbecue almost two weeks ago and were having fun but I eventually found out afterwards that she went into the medicine cupboard and kept taking pills.

"Her friends alerted me and I found her foaming at the mouth with her eyes rolling in the back of her head.

"I put her in the car and drove her straight to hospital. She was 20 minutes away from death.

"The hospital in Drogheda was fantastic and got her counselling straight away.

"I had to put cameras at home so I could keep an eye on her while at work. I was a panic parent.

"We eventually decided in order to give her a better chance, that she would go to the UK to live with her dad for a while and go to school there."

She was due to start fifth year at school this year in Drogheda.

Her mother said: "I dropped her off at the ferry on Thursday evening and my heart broke in two. She has been forced from her home and country because of bullies.

"I urge parents to be vigilant. See what your children are at on their phones. These kids may not even realise that they are destroying someone's life - or God forbid ending it."

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