Teen who rescued boys from river 'just happy there was a positive outcome'

Teen who rescued boys from river 'just happy there was a positive outcome'

Callum Keane rescued two boys from the River Boyne.

The hero teenager credited with saving two boys from the River Boyne has said: “I am just happy there was a positive outcome".

Callum Keane said he went to help the boys, aged 10 and 11, because he would want someone to do the same for his younger sisters.

The 16-year-old, from Navan, Co Meath, said the events unfolded at about 7pm on Wednesday. 

“I was out for a walk with my girlfriend along the river and I could hear a group of boys in great distress [and] screaming for help as one of their mates was in distress in the centre of the river.” 

Callum, brother to Chloë, 12, and Amelia, 8, said: “My first thought was to help the boy because I know if that was one of my little sisters, I would want somebody to help them. 

"I immediately took off my top and jumped into the river to swim across to the boy. He was shaking and very distressed. I grabbed him and picked him up and swam against the current with him to try and find an opening as there were reeds all along the bank.” 

The boy was able to show him where he had got into the river and, Callum said: “I went in through a gap where there was another boy who was stuck in the reeds attempting to try to help his friend. 

I pushed the reeds down to help him get over them, I carried the boy over to a wall and pushed him up onto it. He was very shaken but him and his friends were very grateful which made me feel great.

He swam back across the river to his girlfriend where he was met by Christopher Rennicks of Meath River Rescue. Christopher liaised with the other emergency services and then dropped Callum home.

“Christopher explained to my parents what had happened while I just went back outside as I was oblivious to what I had just done," said Callum. 

His mother Claudine said: “I am very proud of him and am delighted the two boys are safe. Callum came in and he was shocked and shaking but he played it down. He said it was all grand, he did not think it was as big a deal.”

Mr Rennicks said Callum “is an amazing chap to do what he did. Our message to everyone is to away from the water, it is too dangerous. It could have been a lot worse”. 

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