Two gangland murders in less than 24 hours

Gardaí are investigating two gangland murders, both involving young men, in north Dublin in less than a day.

Two gangland murders in less than 24 hours

Gardaí are investigating two gangland murders, both involving young men, in north Dublin in less than a day. Detectives are examining if there are any links between them.

The victim in the first murder, Sean Little, is from Kilbarron Rd, Kilmore, about 1km from where the second fatal shooting occurred, on Marigold Rd, Darndale.

There are unconfirmed reports the second victim, named locally as Jordan Davis, in his early 20s, and from Darndale, was a friend of Mr Little. Detectives are now examining the links, activities, and associates of the two young men.

Mr Little’s body was found shortly after 11pm on Tuesday, while the second fatal shooting occurred at around 4pm yesterday. The area around Marigold was sealed off and was being examined last night. It is the second fatal shooting in that area since last February.

Emergency services found the body of Mr Little, aged 22, on the ground beside a burning car off the M1 motorway, near Balbriggan, shortly before midnight on Tuesday. He had been shot a number of times, including to the head. The murder scene, Rowan’s Little in Walshestown, is a remote place in north county Dublin.

Gardaí are investigating associations Mr Little had with a violent gang based in the Finglas area of north Dublin. That outfit is backing one of the two gangs engaged in a violent feud in neighbouring Blanchardstown, which has witnessed a spate of violent attacks and near murders.

The Finglas gang is also connected with the Kinahan crime cartel. Mr Little was also close friends with a family member of a cartel leader and has been regularly spotted by gardaí socialising with him. Sources said an individual does not get into the “inner circle” of the Kinahan cartel without being trusted and close to its leaders.

“Gardaí will investigate both the direct connection with the Finglas gang and the social relationship with [X],” said one source.

Gardaí stress they are keeping an open mind as this could be something else, including the possibility Mr Little owed money or was involved in a drugs row. Whether the Kinahan connection suggests a possible attack by the fractured Hutch crime group is difficult to know, sources said, but it is one line that will be considered.

Detectives will investigate if the second fatal gun attack is possibly linked with Mr Little’s murder, but sources said it was too early to say. Gardaí believe Mr Little appeared to be meeting someone at a secluded location and must have trusted who he thought he was going to meet.

The source said:

It appears he was standing beside his car when he was shot, suggesting he had no reason to fear who he was meeting. It may have been a set up

The car that was burned out was registered to Mr Little, indicating he had driven there. Why it was set on fire is not clear unless a passenger travelled to the spot with him. It is also possible Mr Little was beaten up in the car, then dragged outside and shot, sources said.

The victim had been documented on Garda intelligence in recent times wearing a bulletproof vest, indicating he feared for his life. “He was not a major player and has no criminal convictions and has not been arrested for anything serious and has only a few road traffic offences, but he has been collated with some serious players and he has seen wearing a bulletproof vest, so there was something going on,” said a source.

Mr Little was also believed to have been a friend of 23-year-old drug dealer Zach Parker, 23, who was shot dead in Swords, north Dublin, last January.

Up to 12 members of the Finglas gang travelled to the scene in three or four cars yesterday and made comments towards gardaí, who were protecting the cordon, and assembled journalists, before speeding off.

Superintendent Tony Twomey, who is leading the investigation into Mr Little’s murder, appealed for information about the car at the scene: “We’re particularly interested in anybody that may have seen a black, Vauxhall Insignia. It’s an imported Vauxhall Insignia, registration number 181 D 46703. If anybody saw that in the area, we would be interested in talking to them.”

Anyone with information is asked to ring Balbriggan Garda Station on 01 8020510, the Garda Confidential Line 1800 666111, or any Garda station.

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