Dublin man gets nine years for rape

A Dublin man has been sentenced to nine years at the Central Criminal Court for the rape and unlawful detention of his former girlfriend.

A Dublin man has been sentenced to nine years at the Central Criminal Court for the rape and unlawful detention of his former girlfriend.

Mr Justice Paul Carney said he was satisfied as the trial judge that this was a particularly vicious and brutal rape.

He added that he was only concerned with the events on the night and not with any previous relationship that might have existed between the two parties.

Gerard Creighton (aged 34), Cashel St, Crumlin and Sundrive Rd, had pleaded not guilty to one charge of rape, anal rape and false imprisonment of the woman in his city centre flat on September 18, 1998 but was convicted by a jury last November.

The woman told the court she was very depressed after the event but had gone to counseling and was getting stronger.

Defence counsel, Mr Anthony Sammon SC (with Ms Caroline Biggs BL) said Creighton did not wish his legal team to offer the court any mitigating factors in his defence as he intended to appeal the conviction and he maintained his innocence.

Mr Justice Carney said many sentences of this nature before the court reflected discounts due to a guilty plea but this was not an option in this case.

The court had heard during the trial that Creighton had met the woman after work and was quite drunk and abusive. A colleague tried to help her but the woman went with Creighton to try and calm him down.

She was forced to accompany Creighton to his flat. She repeatedly told him she did not want to go but he dragged her by the arm and pulled her by the hair when she tried to walk away.

When they reached the flat he forced the door open. The woman sat by a window in the living room and he asked her to go into the bedroom. She refused but went in when he said he would force her.

She said he picked up a hammer at one stage and was swinging it around which made her feel intimidated.

He asked her to take off her jacket because he wanted to have sex. When she said no, he told her it could either be "the hard way or the easy way."

She replied it would have to be the hard way.

He started pulling at the jacket which she removed herself as it belonged to a friend and she did not want it damaged. Creighton was sniffing lighter fluid and the woman said he was "quite out of it". She got up to leave but he pushed her back onto the bed.

He removed her lower garments, digitally penetrated her and then had sexual intercourse with her. She tried to kick him off but was not able. He also turned her over and had anal sex with her.

She said she was struggling and saying "no" while this was going on but he was heavier than her. She managed to kick him off eventually and got up.

She picked up his runner and started hitting him with it. She also threw a vase through a window.

She said she remembered a phone had rung under the bed so she tried to get Creighton to leave the room. When he did she dialed 999 and asked a man who answered to send help to the flat but Creighton came in and grabbed the phone from her.

Afterwards, he walked her home. As they were walking along he suggested they return to the flat and "make love". She told what he had done to her was not making love, it was rape.

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