Cork Airport smiling as it ranks second for happiness

Cork Airport has been voted the world’s second happiest airport with most people choosing a smile rather than a frown as they pass through the terminal.

Cork Airport smiling as it ranks second for happiness

The results have emerged from data compiled from the “smile” machines placed in 160 airports across the globe.

Passengers walking past Happy or Not machines can hit buttons ranging from a beaming smile to a deep frown depending on their experience in the airport.

Cork Airport scored a happiness ranking of 88.45% and was only pipped by Exeter Airport in England which achieved 88.66%. The average value across the globe was 76.52%.

Cork Airport’s head of communications, Kevin Cullinane, said: “We are delighted with the findings.

They confirm our ongoing efforts in providing the best of customer service, facilities and ease of travel to the over 2m engers that travelled through Cork Airport in the last year.

“A happy passenger is as a result of a collaborative effort from the entire Cork Airport team, from the moment a passenger enters the terminal to when they depart.

“The findings of the airport report will also prove invaluable in terms of developing our already superb and consistent customer service and state of the art facilities here in Cork Airport.”

The results show overall that 9am (85.7%) is the happiest time for travellers and 2am (71.3%) the unhappiest.

Tuesday is the day when passengers are most likely to hit the smile button while the weekends see the smiles fade the most.

Unsurprisingly, given the stress of trying to get themselves and their families through the journey and get to their holiday destination, passengers are least happy travelling in July. They are more relaxed and content flying in October and November.

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