Senior Kinahan criminal arrested in botched Dutch hit

Two Irishmen, including a senior member of the Kinahan cartel, are among four people being questioned after a suspected botched murder attempt at one of Amsterdam’s busiest squares.

Senior Kinahan criminal arrested in botched Dutch hit

While the full details of Sunday night’s incident, in a pub off Rembrandt Square, have not been officially confirmed, the victim is thought to have escaped death after the gun failed to fire.

“He tried to shoot him in the head, but the gun jammed,” said one source.

Other sources confirmed this, although some reports indicated that it was a murder threat rather than attempted murder.

The victim, described as a Dutch national originally from Nigeria, is thought to have fled the pub.

Dutch police said officers on Rembrandt Square were approached by a man who claimed that he had been threatened with a firearm. He told police the gunman was in a catering business on the square.

There are other reports that it was a customer from the pub who alerted police to the incident.

Armed backup was called and police entered the premises and arrested who they said was the “main suspect”. Three others were also arrested, including one outside the premises.

One of the Irishmen is a convicted drug dealer from Drimnagh, south Dublin, described as a significant player in the Kinahan organised crime group.

The second Dubliner is thought to be a 23-year-old from the south inner city, considered to be an associate of the Drimnagh man.

Three firearms, including a Glock handgun and a Walther PPK handgun, were found discarded or hidden inside the pub.

The incident is another blow to the cartel, which has been hit by successive and substantial seizures of firearms and drugs in Ireland in recent weeks.

Garda sources suspect Sunday’s incident may be connected to some drug or firearms row involving the Kinahan cartel and foreign criminals.

The Kinahan cartel has had long and extensive dealings in Amsterdam in relation to trafficking.

A statement from Dutch police said the incident on Rembrandt Square unfolded at around 8.45pm when a man alerted local police, claiming he had been threatened with a firearm.

The statement said the person who threatened him had ran into a catering business off the square.

Dutch police said that “multiple units” descended on the square and entered the premises, where they arrested the “main suspect”.

The three other suspects were also arrested. Searches were conducted and “three firearms” were recovered.

Police said the firearms were sent off for ballistic and fingerprint examination.

“Two of the suspects are 29 years old and the other suspects are 37 and 23 years,” said the statement.

“The suspects came from Great Britain and Ireland respectively.”

The Drimnagh man, who has lived in different addresses, ran his own independent drug dealing business for many years, including during the Crumlin-Drimnagh feud.

He has close links to the side that has since become the leadership of the Kinahan cartel in Dublin.

Dutch police are questioning the four arrested for threatening with a lethal weapon and possession of a lethal weapon.

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