Victim of boiled water attack sues hostel

A man who was attacked and had boiling water thrown over him as he watched a rugby match in a Dublin city hostel has sued for damages in the High Court.

Victim of boiled water attack sues hostel

Mark Inglis, 46, told the High Court he had been living at the Salvation Army premises for homeless men at York House, Longford St, Dublin, for about nine months at the time of the attack because he was desperate and had nowhere to go.

He said the lights went out in the TV room and a kettle of boiling water was thrown at him, the kettle ending up upside down on his lap.

He told Ms Justice Bronagh O’Hanlon he ran to the security office for help, but he claimed he was not let in and had to run out into the street to a cafe for help.

“I was very red and sore at that stage and brought to hospital,” he said.

Mr Inglis has claimed he was attacked by another hostel resident days after he told staff the man had threatened him after he complained him for making noise.

A bench warrant has been issued for the other man after he failed to attend court for the case about the attack.

Mr Inglis who suffered burns to his face, chest, abdomen, and legs, had to spend more than two weeks in the St James Hospital burns unit.

Mr Inglis from Aldershot, England has sued The Salvation Army, Dublin. Alannah McCormack, Salvation Army’s acting assistant manager, said Mr Inglis hadn’t said he was threatened by the other resident.

The case before Judge O’Hanlon continues today.

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