Evening briefing: Taoiseach denies being snubbed by Donald Trump. Catch up on all the headlines

Here’s a briefing on some of the stories and issues highlighted on irishexaminer.com today

Evening briefing: Taoiseach denies being snubbed by Donald Trump. Catch up on all the headlines


Taoiseach Enda Kenny has denied being snubbed by President-Elect Donald Trump on a visit to New York.

Those who paid their water bills cannot be treated unfairly, a senior Cabinet member has said today.

Redheads are singing the blues after the plug was pulled on one of Ireland’s most colourful festivals.

Rescuers searching for a ferry passenger believed to have gone overboard in the Irish Sea have found a body.


The University of Colorado is cutting ties with a doctor who made a racist remark on Facebook about US first lady Michelle Obama.

The Republican science, space and tech Twitter account has come under fire for promoting a climate-change sceptic Breitbart article titled: “Global temperatures plunge. Icy silence from climate alarmists”.

Europol has warned that the so-called 'Islamic State' group could launch fresh attacks in Europe in the near future with police forces across the continent investigating more than 50 terrorism cases.

Former Tory Zac Goldsmith has been unseated in a UK by-election upset by the Liberal Democrats, whose winning candidate Sarah Olney said it sends a “shockwave” through Downing Street and paves the way for Parliament to override Brexit.


France won’t win next year’s Six Nations championship for the very reason Joe Schmidt’s Ireland just might: discipline, writes Ronan O’Gara.

Antonio Conte expressed regret that Kevin de Bruyne will be turning out in the light blue of Manchester City rather than the royal blue of Chelsea on Saturday.

Nico Rosberg’s maiden Formula One world championship is so fresh in the memory that you can practically still smell the tyre smoke from his celebratory doughnuts. So when the news broke that he was retiring as a world champion, it seemed unbelievable.

Eamon McGee admits he and his brother Neil were unwilling to sign a public statement suggested by the Donegal panel to back manager Jim McGuinness in the wake of the fallout with former star, Kevin Cassidy, in 2011.


Big themes were explored yesterday in the High Court action Denis O’Brien is taking against the Oireachtas.


Irish manufacturing delivered its best news yet since the UK voted to quit the EU, as output, new orders and new hirings quickened pace last month, according to the latest survey of purchasing managers.

Retail property rents are set to grow by up to 10% over the next two years. New research by Savills also shows employment is the most important factor in determining retail rents.


Mum-of-seven Jen Hogan is grateful the Man in the Red Suit works alongside parents and only brings to children the things he knows the parents will permit... so no dwarf hamster this year


Anton Savage has left Today FM. The popular DJ tweeted a statement just moments ago announcing the news.


A Cork charity has gone viral thanks to their ’The Young Offenders’ inspired promo video ’The Old Offenders’ which is raising awareness for ’Straight Ahead Charity’.

Home Alone has long been an iconic symbol of Christmas magic, but you will never look at it the same way after hearing this Dublin dubbed version.


We all know someone who mysteriously disappears from the social scene every first Friday of December and now we finally know the reason why.


GAMING: The creator of Metal Gear Solid is back at it again. Hideo Kojima is working away hard at his next title Death Stranding.

MOVIES/TV: We said it might happen yesterday, but today we have confirmation, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air will be coming to Netflix.

TECH: Apple maps release was a bit of the disaster for the tech giant from Cupertino. However they will be looking to improve their maps app with the use of drones to map out their own data.


Anton Savage has left Today FM. The popular DJ tweeted a statement just moments ago announcing the news.

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