Man claims hopes of career in football ended by fall

A 22-year-old man who claimed his aspiring football career was cut short after he fell on a footpath has sued for damages in the High Court.
Man claims hopes of career in football ended by fall

Ryan Byrne was a semi- professional footballer with St Patrick’s Athletics reserves when he fell on a tarmac area hurting his ankle, leg, and back.

His foot got caught in a pothole or a depression in the tarmac where reinstatement works had previously taken place, he claimed.

Mr Byrne, from St Teresa’s Rd, Crumlin, told Mr Justice Bernard Barton he was in agony after the fall at Sundrive Rd, Crumlin, in February 2014, and while he tried to get back to playing football he could not sustain it, and can not play the same level of football now due to back pain.

Mr Byrne sued Bord Gais Networks as a result of the fall on February 4, 2014, claiming there was an alleged failure to reinstate the footpath adequately, or at all, after the works.

He has further claimed a piece of tarmacadam was used in between concrete in such circumstances as it allegedly created a tripping hazard. Mr Byrne claimed he sustained debilitating injuries which had an adverse effect on his sense of wellbeing, enjoyment of life, and football training.

It was further claimed that, at the time of the accident, he was attending an FAI course and had to abandon it due to the injuries sustained and which he believes had an adverse effect on his footballing career.

The claims are denied.

In evidence, Mr Byrne said he was walking back to a parked car after using the ATM when the accident happened. He said his left foot got caught in a depression in the tarmac and he fell over.

He said he went to his doctor after the fall. Mr Byrne said he was, at the time, a semi-professional footballer in St Patrick’s Athletic reserves and also attending a special FAI football course.

At the time of the accident, he was “ breaking through” in football but he could not keep up training and now says he can not play at the level he should be at.

Cross-examined by Bord Gais counsel, Senan Allen, Mr Byrne said he was not the author of a Twitter account Ryanbyrne94 which had posts about training in dates after the fall, including two days after the fall on Sundrive Rd. He said someone could have used his Instragam photos and written posts.

The case before Mr Justice Bernard Barton continues.

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