Evening briefing: Trump arrives at White House for Obama meeting. Catch up on all the headlines

Here’s a briefing on some of the stories and issues highlighted on irishexaminer.com today

Evening briefing: Trump arrives at White House for Obama meeting. Catch up on all the headlines


A Sinn Féin motion to stop TDs getting a pay increase has been defeated in the Dáíl. The Government and Fianna Fáil joined forces to pass a counter-motion instead, by 89 votes to 38.

"It better not happen again" is the warning from the Health Minister after an embarrassing memo was issued by the HSE suggesting staff could use minimal force to remove people from hospital beds after they had been formally discharged.

The Irish Government has formally commits to accepting up to 200 unaccompanied child refugees from Calais.

An independent TD has raised how a review of Garda whistleblowing allegations can conclude without any contact with the whistleblowers.


President-elect Donald Trump has arrived at the White House for his first meeting with President Barack Obama, a symbolic start to the transition of power to the nation's 45th president.

American political activist, commentator, author and attorney, Van Jones, has added a new term to the political lexicon after he dubbed Donald Trump's US Presidential victory a "whitelash".

South Africa's parliament is debating a motion to remove President Jacob Zuma because of a series of scandals, including possible government corruption linked to the president and his associates.

Amidst the whirl of Donald Trump becoming president, it’s easy to forget that Tuesday was also a big night for marijuana in the US.


Meet the Cavan man in Saudi Arabia leading the biggest explosion of GAA on the planet - new Middle East GAA Chairperson Patrick Moynagh.

Rangers have finally pulled the plug on Joey Barton's ill-fated stint at Ibrox, announcing that his contract has been terminated.

Ireland Women's Head Coach Tom Tierney has named the Ireland Women's side to face England Women at 2pm this Sunday in the UCD Bowl.

The rivalry between the United States and Mexico has long been the fiercest in North American football, but there are fears of the atmosphere turning nasty in Friday's encounter following the election of Donald Trump as US president.


President Bill Clinton coined the phrase ‘It’s the economy, stupid’. For President-Elect Trump it’s more a case of stupid economics, suggests UCC senior economics lecturer, Dr Declan Jordan.

Jill Colvin looks at how Donald Trump kept reeling in support despite numerous gaffes that would have sunk anyone else


Apple chief Tim Cook has called for unity and for staff to “move forward together” in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory in the US election.

The fizz went out of the Irish arm of Coca-Cola’s pre-tax profits last year as they declined by more than €1m — or 12% — to €7.14m.


Have you ever wanted to march into your boss' office and demand a pay raise? Turns out, it's probably not the best way to get what you want (and you might end up without a job). To mark 'Equal Pay Day' here are some tips and things to consider before making the pitch for  the raise you feel you deserve.


From Home Alone 2 to Sex And The City, here are some of Trump’s best TV and film appearances — oh, and of course he always played himself.


We’ve already had riots and protests in response to Donald Trump’s election as the President of the United States. Now, a new hashtag has been created #Twitterblackout for thousands of people on Twitter who are blacking out their profile picture on the social media platform.


This new video from Foil, Arms and Hog will be familiar to anybody who’s new to cooking.


GAMING: Watch Dogs came out in 2014 and was technically impressive but kind of left out a bit of the fun of playing video games. Watch Dogs 2 is all about correcting that.

MOVIES/TV: Luc Besson has had plenty of hits including Leon and The Fifth Element but the 21st century had marked a pretty dry spell for the filmmaker, apart from those naff Arthur and the Invisibles animated flicks.

TECH: Twitter has been in the news a lot recently as it moves to cut more than 8 percent of staff worldwide in a cost cutting measure. And now another senior staff member is leaving.


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