CCTV captures violent assault after stabbing

CCTV fixed to two private houses in Limerick, one occupied by a couple previously targeted by the Criminal Assets Bureau, captured a series of violent incidents in which a gun was fired and a golf club, a crutch, and a curtain pole were used as weapons.
CCTV captures violent assault after stabbing

Judge Tom O’Donnell said it was very unusual to have a case in which he was told CCTV had backed up statements 100% regarding what had occurred.

Brendan Wallace, aged 55, and Patricia Wallace, aged 44, of Fernleigh, Westbury, Corbally, Limerick, pleaded guilty at Limerick Circuit Court to 10 charges arising from the incident.

Brendan Wallace pleaded guilty to assault causing harm and having a curtain pole. Patricia Wallace pleaded guilty to affray and producing a crutch which was capable of inflicting serious harm.

Their son also Brendan, aged 19, pleaded guilty to assault causing harm and with producing a golf club capable of causing harm.

The court was told that on St Patrick’s night 2015, the three Wallace family members went to a pub. While there a man referred to as Mr X had words with Brandon Wallace over matters which appeared on Facebook. There was a handshake and the Wallaces went home believing the matter had been resolved.

However, Mr X followed and engaged in an attack on Brendan Wallace in which Mr Wallace received a knife wound to the side of the head. Det Garda Keith Harmon agreed with defence counsel that the Wallace family were subjected to extreme provocation and had been fully co-operative with the gardaí. He said: “These incidents would not have happened if Mr X had not kicked the ball off”.

After Mr Wallace was wounded, the Wallaces followed Mr X, who went to the nearby home of a family member named as ‘Y’ and assaulted him with weapons, including a golf club they got from the Y house.

As Mr X was being assaulted there, Mr Y discharged his legally- held shotgun, hitting Mr Wallace’s car. Other people are due in court in connection with the assaults.

Judge O’Donnell adjourned sentence on the three Wallace family members to next Thursday.

Brendan and Patricia Wallace were convicted in January 2007 of giving illegal loans, where they were charging interest rates up to 30% in some cases. Both were given 10-month jail sentences. Ms Wallace’s term was suspended on appeal.

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