Catch-up with what you've missed with our morning briefing

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Catch-up with what you've missed with our morning briefing


British Tornado fighter jets will shoot down aircraft in Irish airspace if they are hijacked by terrorists for a 9/11-style attack.

A Limerick taxi operator has said his company is under threat of closure after the cost of insuring the firm’s fleet of cars has risen by 700%.

Interest free loans from employers of up to €30,000 could be used for boiler and other home heating improvements.

New figures on asylum seekers show the State has lost track of thousands of foreign nationals due to be deported.

Gardaí have been unable to confirm the death, or the burial location, of a boy who a religious order state died in Tuam Mother and Baby Home.


Republican Donald Trump’s top aides and supporters yesterday downplayed a chaotic week in which the New York businessman was distracted from his core message by personal spats, as a new poll showed him trailing Democrat Hillary Clinton.

The son of a Kansas politician died on a water slide that is billed as the world's largest.


TOP STORY: Just like the World Cup, this is the latest big bucks sporting event that’s been disgracefully whitened.

LATEST: Novak Djokovic admitted his shock first round defeat to Juan Martin Del Potro was "one of the toughest losses in my life" as his hopes of claiming an elusive Olympic gold in the men's singles went up in smoke in Rio.

ANALYSIS: Boxing chiefs have conceded that suspended fighter Michael O’Reilly is unlikely to clear his name in time to make his first bout following a failed doping test.


Tie hole drama was the order of the day when the finals of three Munster inter-club competitions were decided over the weekend.

Jose Mourinho believes transfer fees will continue to sky-rocket as Manchester United close in on the reported world-record signing of Paul Pogba.


Growth in construction activity, here, climbed to a four-month high in July, new data shows, indicating Irish builders felt no immediate negative effects from Britain’s vote to leave the EU.

Any third-level students seeking primary source material for a thesis on rural volunteerism and community spirit need go no further than Tullamore.


Prodijig is leaving its audiences gasping, let alone its dancers, so Ellie O’Byrne was intrigued to hear how Nelly Elbadr prepares for the highly demanding show


Dundalk Town’s heroics in European competition this summer have shown that the national broadcaster has abdicated its responsibilities to the domestic league, writes Joe Leogue


A picnic in Fitzgerald Park was interrupted yesterday by two football-loving turkeys.


It’s a lot of pressure hosting a garden party or summer BBQ. Luckily for you, we’ve got five very handy tips for sorting out party problems just like that.

Grace Brothers is back and open for business as Are You Being Served? returns after a 30-year hiatus.


GAMING: Hitman launched as a pretty bare bones title a few months back but it's getting bigger and bigger with more missions and murdering every month.

MOVIES/TV: You'll find a good range of films in cinemas this week, including comedy and drama and a great big shark.

TECH: The Olympic committee has banned official press outlets from creating short animated GIFs of events.


Ronan Keating and his wife Storm have revealed plans to start a family together as they celebrate their first wedding anniversary.


British Tornado fighter jets will shoot down aircraft in Irish airspace if they are hijacked by terrorists for a 9/11-style attack.

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