Ex-partner jailed for sending sexually explicit texts

A text containing the words ‘death’ and ‘meet the gods’, was sent by a man to his ex-partner along with dozens of sexually explicit messages and images. He was jailed yesterday.

Ex-partner jailed for sending sexually explicit texts

It emerged yesterday at Cork District Court that as the woman was making a formal complaint to gardaí of the upsetting and threatening material being posted to her, a picture of the culprit involved in a lewd act was posted to her Facebook page.

Inspector John Deasy said that particular image appeared on the page as the complainant was making her statement to gardaí.

“An image appeared on the screen of him performing a sexual act as she was making her statement,” said Insp Deasy.

As well as the sexual content, there was the threatening message on one text where the words ‘death’ and ‘meet the gods’ were used.

Insp Deasy said the messages were upsetting and offensive in nature.

The complainant had a safety order against her ex-partner that had been in place for two and a half years before these messages and texts were sent recently.

Judge Olann Kelleher noted that the complainant’s safety order was for five years — the longest time for which a district court could grant such a safety order.

Recent bail conditions also required the man to stay away from the complainant, prompting Judge Leo Malone — who dealt with the case when the culprit was first arrested — to remark that he had committed a double-whammy of contempt of court.

Judge Olann Kelleher, who dealt with the sentencing, said a four-month jail term was appropriate.

Frank Buttimer, defending, said previously that the culprit had been crying in the custody area of Cork District Court, realising how much he had to lose both in terms of family and employment.

The woman was at home on June 10 when she began to get a series of calls and texts for more than three hours, from 8.20pm to 11.30pm. She contacted her local Garda station at Mayfield and Garda Michelle McNamara called out to her home.

Garda McNamara saw there were 24 missed calls, 23 picture messages, and 29 written messages.

The written messages were in Polish and the complainant said they were all the same and were of a sexual nature. The complainant did not reply to any of the calls or messages.

Mr Buttimer said of his client: “He is remorseful, he is sorry for himself, no doubt, but sorry also for other losses he faces. He tells me he absolutely intends to do something about his drink problem.”

He said the spiral of behaviour tended to begin with excessive drinking followed by the culprit engaging in this behaviour and then stating that his memory of the behaviour had been obliterated by alcohol.

Judge Kelleher said the breach of the safety order, by threat and by messages and images with a sexual content, was extreme.

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