Man armed with hammer locked himself in house

A man who fell through a glass coffee table during a domestic incident went on to arm himself with a hammer and lock himself into the house as gardaí gathered to restore order.

Man armed with hammer locked himself in house

Paul Healy, of 18 Lotamore Close, Mayfield, appeared at Cork District Court yesterday where he pleaded guilty to an offence under the Firearms and Offensive Weapons Act of being in possession of a hammer while appearing set to commit an assault.

The incident happened shortly before Christmas. Details were given by Inspector Bill Duane at Cork District Court yesterday.

Healy called to the home of his ex-partner on December 22, 2015.

He was in the house and it soon became apparent that he was extremely intoxicated and verbally aggressive, the inspector said.

He fell over at one stage and fell through a glass table, causing an injury to his back from which he bled.

Healy’s ex-partner called for an ambulance. Gardaí were also alerted and by the time they arrived, Healy appeared on the front balcony of the house and threw objects out at gardaí. He was also seen to be carrying a hammer.

Gardaí called for the support of armed colleagues who also arrived on the scene.

As the accused appeared to be getting more aggressive and gardaí became more concerned about what could happen in the house, they went to a side gate of the premises but found it was padlocked. The fire service arrived at the scene to cut the padlock and gardaí got into the property.

Pepper spray had to be deployed in order to effect the arrest, said Insp Duane.

Public-order shields were also used as Healy was overpowered and handcuffed.

Judge Leo Malone said Healy could do 175 hours of community service instead of spending six months in prison.

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