‘Scenes of anarchy’ in Limerick court

Anarchy is how the president of the Limerick Solicitors Bar Association described scenes at a Limerick court when protesters took over the courtroom.

‘Scenes of anarchy’ in Limerick court

Dan O’Gorman said what had occurred last Friday “tugged at the fabric of society”.

More than 150 people had to be removed by gardaí after they distupted a hearing by the Limerick County Registrar relating to home repossession orders sought by banks and other lending institutions. The hearing had to be abandoned.

Mr O’Goman said the potential eviction from a home was an extremely stressful and challenging experience and in most cases, an accommodation is reached with the lending institution and the debtor is not evicted.

While he said a democracy cherished the right to protest, these scenes brought “shame to the word protest” and were “scenes of anarchy”.

“The courtroom where the County Registrar was sitting was invaded. He had to flee from the bench, hurriedly followed by other members of the court staff. These were people who were simply doing their jobs and carrying out a public service.

“In short, a courtroom of this State was taken over by persons who were clearly bent on chaos and that’s what they achieved. There have been reports and photographs of what occurred at the Courthouse Limerick last Friday which do not go any way to describe what went on.

“Last Friday any vestige of law and order at the courthouse in Limerick broke down. A challenge of this nature tugs at the very fabric of our society.”

A garda sergeant has been appointed to carry out an investigation into what happened with a view to preparing a file for the DPP.

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