WATCH: 5-year-old Limerick drummer Michael is making big musical vibes

Little drummer boy Michael Magci is already generating big music vibes in Limerick.

WATCH: 5-year-old Limerick drummer Michael is making big musical vibes

And he’s only five years old.

Michael’s aim is to accompany his cousin, Andreas Varady, an established international jazz guitarist at the age of 18.

Michael started on the drums a year ago, having initially taken up the guitar and piano at the age of three.

He said: “I prefer the drums and I get coached every week by Ray Murphy. I have by own miniature kit of five drums with cymbals at home and I like to play to Sound of Music on video or CD. I practice each day when I get home from school.”

But his love of drumming sometimes gets him into a small bit of trouble at the Salesian Primary School.

“I am all the time tapping on the table with my fingers, but teacher, Ms Larkin, tells me that I am disturbing the others,” he said.

Michael’s parents Aladar Magci and Julia moved to Limerick from Slovakia 11 years ago and they live in an apartment in Glentworth St with Michael and an older son, Mario, aged 19.

With Michael’s birthday coming up early in the new year he went to the Steamboat Music shop yesterday, where the owner Mark Carey gave him a go on a set of Sonor drums.

Michael’s music teacher, well-known drummer Ray Murphy, who is a Limerick youth worker, said: “I played with Michael’s cousin, Andreas Varady and Andreas’ father, Bandi Varady. They started out playing in the Milk Market on Saturdays. Michael is a natural. He is a natural ear and a natural feel. He also has a natural sense of rythm. He has a very developed understanding of drums for his age. He is a big fan of the great US drummer, Steve Gadd and Dave Weckl who has played with Andreas Varady on one of his albums.”

Dad, Aladar, said the family have got used to Michael drumming to his heart’s content in their city centre apartment.

“When he hears rock on a video or CD he is off straight away on the drums. He seems to really like rock,” said Aladar.

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