Victim had a knife: Wexford accused

A Wexford man told gardaí that he was attacked by his ex-girlfriend’s partner and stabbed him with a knife he said the deceased had brought to the scene, a murder trial has heard.
Victim had a knife: Wexford accused

James Connors, aged 29, of Rosemount, Drinagh, Co Wexford, has pleaded not guilty to the murder of James Ryan, aged 27, at Hollyville Heights in Wexford Town on January 25, 2012.

At the Central Criminal Court yesterday, Detective Garda Pat O’Brien said that, on January 27, 2012, he conducted two interviews with Mr Connors at Wexford Garda Station.

Det Gda O’Brien agreed that, in the second interview, Mr Connors gave an account of the altercation with Mr Ryan. He said that he had called to Mr Ryan’s home at Hollyville Heights because the two of them had argued and he wanted to tell him to forget about it.

Det Gda O’Brien agreed that Mr Connors said they had exchanged words when Mr Connors called his ex-girlfriend Samantha Hore from prison and Mr Ryan answered the phone.

“I just wanted to tell him to forget about it,” Mr Connors told Det Gda O’Brien during the interview.

Detective Garda Dan O’Sullivan agreed that he interviewed Mr Connors later the same day at Wexford Garda Station and Mr Connors told Det Gda O’Sullivan he called to Mr Ryan’s home on the night of January 24 and asked him to come down, saying: “I want a word with you.”

His statement continued: “He had a bat and a knife and he said: ‘What the fuck do you want?’ Once I saw the weapons I walked away up the road, up the ramp.”

Garda O’Sullivan asked if he had brought a knife with him and he answered no. He said the knife was tucked into the waistband of Mr Ryan’s trousers.

Gda O’Sullivan agreed that Mr Connors then told him that he walked into a cul de sac and realised he could go no further.

The statement continued: “I turned around and as soon as I turned Jay hit me on top of the head. I pulled the knife from his waist and stabbed him with it. He was about to hit me again when I grabbed the knife and stabbed him. He hit me another couple of times after that and then he walked away. I thought he was fine. He wasn’t bleeding or anything.”

The trial is continuing.

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