Limerick golf club chips itself out of the rough

Ballyneety Golf Club’s manager has confirmed the Co Limerick club is well on its way to a secure future after three years of hard work by former captains and presidents.
Limerick golf club chips itself out of the rough

“We are delighted with the way things have gone over the last few years” said Liam Lawlor, a retired school principal and the current manager of the golf club.

“We have been working really hard to get to where we are and we are proud of what has been achieved here.

.“We are only too aware that this club, like many others, has a lot more to do to keep on the upward curve as in this industry you are never out of the trees but we are committed to making sure this club is a success.”

Three years ago Ballyneety Golf Club became a beacon of light for what can be achieved when a group of inspirational leaders came together with a vision and a plan.

The club, which was formally known as Limerick County Golf Club, was taken out of the hands of liquidators and brought back to life after being let return to arable land. Now, the club looks to be hitting all its financial targets and is well on its way to becoming the biggest success story on the Irish golfing scene.

Mr Lawlor, Minie O’Brien, and golf professional Donal McSweeney led a rescue mission to save the club back in 2013 and after a series of public meetings, generous local contributions, and a huge sense of goodwill, they took control of the facility.

Would-be members were asked to contribute €300 to cover their membership for 2013 in the knowledge that use of the course and clubhouse would be severely limited but, despite the obvious gamble, more than 500 people stumped up the cash and Ballyneety Golf Club was born.

A local philanthropist and former CEO of Kentz Corporation, Hugh O’Donnell, together with his wife Finola came on board to help out with business advice.

The Ballyneety Golf Club facility currently employs 36 people and a recreational park project has the capability of increasing this figure to 50-plus.

In a show of support from the Golfing Union of Ireland, Ballyneety Golf Club was chosen as Golf Club of the Year in 2014 and the three men at the centre of it all shared a Limerick Person of the Month Award earlier this year.

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