Accused bailed by judge to attend mother’s funeral

A young Kerry man accused of drunken driving in the early hours of yesterday pleaded with a judge at Cork District Court to let him out of custody to attend his mother’s funeral.

Accused bailed by judge to attend mother’s funeral

Michael O’Driscoll jnr, aged 20, of 8 Rathoonare, Tralee, Co Kerry, was arrested in the early hours of yesterday and charged with four counts in relation to his driving at Harbour View Rd, Knocknaheeny, Cork.

Insp Bill Duane said that gardaí were opposed to bail being granted to the young man.

He was charged with drink driving, having no licence, driving without insurance, and driving while disqualified for a previous incident of dangerous driving.

Eddie Burke, defence solicitor, said he understood the objections from the prosecution. However, he argued that in the exceptional circumstances he was applying for bail.

Judge Leo Malone said at 11.30am yesterday that most funeral masses took place in the morning and that the accused would not have time to get the funeral.

Mr Burke said O’Driscoll’s mother’s funeral was taking place in Tralee at 11.30am and that while the young man would not be able to make it in time for that, he had hoped he could get to Aghadoe, Co Kerry, in time for his mother’s burial there.

Judge Malone said: “I don’t want to deprive anyone of attending their mother’s funeral.”

The judge remanded him on bail until today at Cork District Court in the circumstances, but warned: “Failure to attend here [today] will lead to a warrant being issued for his arrest and inevitably to custody.”

Once that matter was clarified and the accused was released, the judge asked how the accused hoped to get to Aghadoe.

Mr Burke said O’Driscoll was going to get the bus to Killarney and get a lift from a relative to Aghadoe.

The defence solicitor explained during yesterday’s hearing that the accused had no intention of driving but that he and his father did not want to spend the night in the house where the defendant’s mother died so they decided to travel to a relative’s house in Cork City.

Mr Burke said O’Driscoll’s father was not in a condition to drive so the young man felt obliged to drive.

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