A decade of weird and wonderful videos on Youtube

YouTube — it’s a weird and wonderful place, full of crazy cat videos and thought-provoking Ted Talks, celebrity gaffes and hard-hitting documentaries.

A decade of weird and wonderful videos on Youtube

One minute you’re watching some poor girl injure herself during an ice-bucket challenge, the next you’re learning how to fix the washing machine.

With hundreds of thousands of hours of footage uploaded every day, it’s safe to say YouTube covers pretty much every aspect of the human condition.

Want to break up with your girlfriend? There’s a tutorial for that. Want to learn how to play guitar? Put on make-up properly? Speak Spanish? YouTube has you covered.

This week, the video sharing platform celebrates 10 years since the very first clip was uploaded — Me at the Zoo by YouTube founder Jawed Karim.


While the footage is admittedly mundane — it shows a young Jawed talking about the animals at the zoo — the 19-second-long clip heralded a new era of video sharing.

Millions of people followed Jawed’s lead, uploading a stream of personal vlogs talking about everything under the sun. And some are so popular they’re actually making a living from it.

Eccentric Swede Felix Kjellberg has made a fortune from his channel PewDiePie, while beauty blogger Zoella and funny girl Miranda Sings also making substantial amounts.

Those of us on the other side of the screen just can’t get enough. We trawl the internet, watching video after video and sharing the ones we like the most — helping clips go viral overnight.

Some notable Irish examples include singing priest Fr Ray Kelly; the Garda who danced at Indiependence; and the Cork fella who swam in a pothole between Kanturk and Glanmire.

And who could forget the unfortunate soul who slipped on some ice in the background of an RTÉ News broadcast? As if flattening yourself on national TV wasn’t bad enough, the clip was uploaded to YouTube and viewed by another few hundred thousand people.

But if we look at the most viewed clips ever uploaded to YouTube, nine out of the top 10 are music videos, proving that star power will trump general tomfoolery every time.

At the moment, the most- viewed clip is Gangnam Style by viral sensation Psy — the bizarre video has had more than 2.2bn hits since it was released in the summer of 2012.

The Korean rapper’s hit dwarfs the second most- viewed clip — Justin Bieber’s Baby has just 1.1bn hits.

And just in case there were any doubts about Psy’s popularity, his follow-up hit, ‘Gentlemen’, is the eighth most-viewed clip on YouTube, seen 826m times.

The only home movie to feature in the most-viewed videos list is the charming ‘Charlie bit my finger’. At less than a minute long, this clip featuring toddler Harry Davies-Carr and his baby brother Charlie plays out exactly what you’d expect — Charlie likes biting fingers, and Harry isn’t one bit impressed.


Most viewed videos on YouTube

1. ‘Gangnam Style’, Psy - 2.3bn views

2. ‘Baby’, Justin Bieber (feat Ludacris) - 1.1bn views

3. ‘Dark Horse’, Katy Perry (feat Juicy J) - 917m views

4. ‘Roar’, Katy Perry - 889m views

5. ‘Party Rock Anthem’, LMFAO (feat Lauren Bennett and Goonrock)- 856m views

6. ‘Love the Way You Lie’, Eminem (feat Rihanna) - 850m views

7. ‘Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)’, Shakira - 839m views

8. ‘Gentleman’, Psy - 826m views

9. ‘On the Floor’, Jennifer Lopez (feat Pitbull) - 825m views

10. ‘Charlie bit my finger - again’, Harry and Charlie Davies-Carr - 816m views


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