‘Bin the bills’ Irish Water protest heads for Dáil

Thousands of anti-water charge protesters will descend on the Dáil later today to “bin the Irish Water bills” sent out by the utility.

‘Bin the bills’ Irish Water protest heads for Dáil

The latest march against the fees takes place just a day after the independent Commission for Energy Regulation said Irish Water must “build customer trust and confidence” by clearly showing people “what has been delivered for monies paid”.

Protesters will meet at 2pm at the Garden of Remembrance before marching to the Central Bank and through Dublin to the Dáil.

They will then “bin the bills” sent out by Irish Water in recent days to households. One of the protest’s main organisers, Socialist Party TD Paul Murphy, admitted that many of the documents will be stand-ins as large numbers of people have yet to receive the letters.

“This is more about a message of defiance. There is an absence of bills because a lot haven’t been sent out yet but the key question is non-payment,” the Dublin South West TD said.

When asked if a relatively low turnout at today’s march would indicate falling support for the anti-Irish Water protests, Mr Murphy said no, and that this march cannot be compared to other national day of action events.

Today’s protest comes a day after the Commission for Energy Regulation responded to Irish Water’s draft services strategy plan by urging it “to build customer trust and confidence”.

It said customers who are “paying for services need to see what has been delivered for monies paid”.

However, the CER said that “unfortunately, robust information regarding the current [cost] baseline is not yet available in all cases”.

The CER plans to re-examine Irish Water’s approach to the public this autumn, but this will only take place if the utility passes EU financial tests next month.


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