More than one woman under Graham Dwyer’s dark spell

Elaine O’Hara was not the only ‘victim’ identified by Graham Dwyer during the course of his fantasies about a lethal combination of sex and violence.

More than one woman under Graham Dwyer’s dark spell

Three women had been directly identified by Dwyer: Ms O’Hara, American woman Darci Day, and auctioneer Rowena Quinn. But the secret files found on Dwyer’s laptop also outlined bizarre fantasies referencing attacking a woman on Grafton St, and in St Stephen’s Green, as well as on a trip to Newcastle in the north-east of England. When asked at one stage by Ms O’Hara about the likelihood of getting away with such a crime, he said: “I will. No one ever caught for Raonaid Murray or homeless woman in Phoenix Park.”

The testimony of Ms Day, via videolink from America, illustrated how the Dublin-based architect used the darker corners of the internet to elaborate on his desire for sexual violence and stabbing.

Darci Day told the court Dwyer regularly discussed murdering a woman with her.

Ms Day said she started to go online and talk to people with suicidal thoughts and fantasies. She used the name Cassie and said of her writings on the site: “A lot of it was just fantasies I had about myself dying.”

Of Dwyer, she said: “I can’t remember what website I found him on, but we talked a lot through Gmail.” She said she never met Dwyer but that they emailed each other; her email address at the time was suicide.silence923@

“A lot of the discussion was about similar fantasies and I unloaded a lot of stuff on him,” she said. “We discussed him basically ending my life.”

She was asked about the fantasies they discussed.

“A lot of it was rape and murder fantasies,” she said.

Ms Day said they had also texted a few times on her own number and that Dwyer had talked about getting her a separate “track” phone for their communication. She later explained that this was a disposable, prepay phone.

She said they used to exchange photographs and YouTube videos of “either throat cutting or strangulation” by email.

“I do remember diagrams being sent, where all the arteries and stuff are, so we wouldn’t miss,” she added.

She said that she did not know much about Dwyer, but knew he had a wife and liked planes.

“He did mention Elaine O’Hara,” said Ms Day. “I knew they had an intimate relationship and he told me she was similar to me and was suicidal.”

She was asked if he had revealed what they did. “He said he used to cut her… in the stomach area and stuff,” she replied. “That it was mutual and sexual.”

She was asked if he had discussed fantasies about Ms O’Hara. “Yes,” she said, pausing a number of times, “that he basically wanted to go after her and, if she wanted to, he wanted to kill her and come after me.”

Ms Day was asked if he had mentioned any method of killing her. “That he would have me meet him somewhere and then, from there, I’d leave my car and get in the car with him and, from there, he’d drive me to the location,” she said.

“And then basically, from there, he wanted to have sex and then cut my throat until I lost consciousness and during intercourse.”

Her testimony chimed with the contents of a document, entitled “Killing Darci”, that was found on a hard drive in Dwyer’s home.

Saved as 4Darci.doc in a folder called DD, found in another folder called Sub, the document outlined a fantasy about killing.

“Knowing I could decide who lived and who died like my hero, God,” it read. The author said his addiction had grown, that he soon met willing girls and that he had acquired “two fine subs over the years”.

“Having being responsible for creating three lives, wasn’t I entitled to take just one? But who?” he asked.

He then wrote about coming into contact with someone he first knew as Cassie.

“She ticked all the boxes: beautiful, young smart,” he said .

“Critically she wanted to die... a rare marriage indeed.”

He described raping and stabbing her repeatedly and slitting her throat while cameras were recording.

He also described having sexual relations with her corpse.

Dwyer’s hard drive yielded more deeply disturbing material, such as a document saved as ‘E.doc’, created on May 31, 2005 under the company name A&D Wejchert Architects, the firm in which he was a director.

About a visit to Newcastle, he wrote:“Dressed respectably in my casual clothes, no-one would suspect what was on my mind: Rape.

“I had my little overnight bag with the usual things: Socks, underwear, spare shirt, some chloroform, rope and, of course, my hunting knife.

“I checked everyone out as a potential victim while I was walking the street.”

He said that he walked into a bookshop — a maze of a building —picked up a book and strolled around.

“I finally came to the top floor. It was deserted except for a beautiful girl, her wavy long blonde hair falling on her shoulders,” he wrote.

“She was engrossed in a book in the erotic section; ironic. I knew this girl was going to be my next victim.”

He then described walking her out of the shop at knife-point and threatening to stab her as they walked to his hotel. He then wrote that he then used chloroform to render her unconscious. He wrote of taking “loads of photos” for his gold collection of rape victims before the chloroform wore off.

“Thank God for digital cameras,” he wrote. “These are not the type of photos you could take into Boots to develop.”

He then described threatening, raping, and almost strangling his victim. He said he could see her relief when it was over, but that this changed to terror again when he picked up his knife.

“As far as I was concerned, the fun was only beginning,” he wrote, concluding with the words: “The end?”

Chillingly, one text exchange between Dwyer and Ms O’Hara referenced a real person.

She wrote that “I would drop everything for a baby”, to which Dwyer replied: “Ok, a life for a life. Help me take one and I’ll give you one.” Ms O’Hara replied: “Sure, you set it up.”

He said they needed new, untraceable pay-as-you-go phones and fake names. He texted her later to say he had found an empty house for sale in Willow Park, Druids Valley, Cabinteely. He gave the name of the auctioneer as Ms Quinn. Rowena Quinn gave evidence earlier in the trial that she was selling a house there.

Ms O’Hara texted later that she thought it was too close to home and to her work. He did not agree and said he would knock her out with a hammer before stabbing her. “Then back to yours to celebrate and knock you up,” he wrote. However, he agreed with her concerns about being traced by technology and suggested a random stabbing instead.

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