Woman waved a long slash-hook at gardaí

A long slash-hook was waved at gardaí when they called to a house in Cork in the early hours of the morning in response to a call for assistance for an injured woman.

Inspector Michael McGuire said it was the woman they were trying to assist who turned on them and warned them off with the slash-hook.

The dangerous implement was in Cork District Court yesterday. It consisted of a pole approximately 2m long with a rusty slash-hook attached to the end of it. It would have been put in evidence in the course of a trial but by the time the case was called, all three defendants in the case — the woman and her father and husband — pleaded guilty to their parts in the incident.

Frank Buttimer, solicitor, said on behalf of Breda O’Driscoll, aged 38, that she had a psychiatric condition for which she was now being successfully treated, but that on the night of January 11 last year, she locked herself into a room at her home at Lower Killeens, Commons Road, Cork, and attempted to take her own life.

Mr Buttimer said rightly, other parties at the house called gardaí for assistance.

However, Insp McGuire said when gardaí Denis O’Sullivan and Ken O’Day arrived at the house at about 5am, Breda O’Driscoll came out and threatened them to go away.

Because she was carrying such a dangerous implement, they retreated and she went back to the house. More gardaí came to assist. When she came out of the house a second time it appeared that she was prepared to submit to gardaí and they were about to take her away when her father, Michael O’Driscoll, aged 72, and her husband, Wayne McCarthy, aged 28, came out and tried to prevent the arrest.

Yesterday all three defendants apologised and pleaded guilty to being threatening and obstructing gardaí.

Judge Olann Kelleher imposed an overall four-month suspended sentence on Breda O’Driscoll and her father.

Because Wayne McCarthy had extensive previous convictions, he got a six-month suspended sentence.

Judge Kelleher said gardaí were only trying to help and they found themselves in a difficult situation in the dark outside this house.

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