Irish firm’s email encryption app wins Chile backing

An Irishman, who has created a computer application which makes emails safer, has clinched a deal with the Chilean government to sell his new business worldwide.

Irish firm’s email encryption app wins Chile backing

Dublin-based business,, set up by Gavin Kearney, aims to help the public and companies keep emails and data secure from hackers and big business.

Mr Kearney was told by the Chilean government he had secured thousands of euro in backing from their Incubator programme for new businesses at the end of last week.

The financial injection of $40,000 will also help to launch the email encryption service with industry giants in Silicon Valley in the US in coming months. It is the only Irish company to secure such funding, beating off stiff competition from 2,448 other international competitors.

It has cost DCU guarantee Mr Kearney, and the two other co- founders €100,000 to set-up the business. The trio started the service last year after they spotted a gap in the market.

“This financial backing means a lot to the business. Two of us are going to Santiago for six months and one of us will remain in Dublin to grow the business and monitor it from there,” said Mr Kearney.

“It will give us the international platform and backing our company needs. We will fly to Chile within the next month to set-up our international base there while also developing it in Ireland.

“We are in the process of trying to hire people in Ireland to deal with the interest shown in our service.” is a simple, one-click encryption service that allows end-to-end email security with almost no effort on the part of the user and is being looked at to end the scourge of hacking.

Instead of pressing the send button on your email provider all you have to click is send encrypted.

Statistics released by the Online Trust Alliance estimate that over 740m online records were compromised or hacked last year.

“The main problem with emails is that they can be intercepted and read, potentially being edited in transit.

“People can download the application (app) from the Apple iStore and from Google Chrome for free. Companies have to pay a small amount (up to €7 per user) for the system, but it is very cost effective.

“There are a lot of encryption systems, but we believe ours is the easiest to use.

“Every week we read about privacy scandals, email hacking and personal data being passed to organisations such as advertising companies and government bodies. Email providers can even be compelled to hand over stored emails under court orders.

Mr Kearney said companies using the system can save emails in the icloud package or cyber documents and so save hundreds of thousands of euro by streamlining IT departments.

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